The FBI wants you to know that rich white females are behind the tidal wave of shoplifting, and they are on the case!

Screenshot in case they delete it:

5 thoughts on “The FBI wants you to know that rich white females are behind the tidal wave of shoplifting, and they are on the case!”

  1. 15 years ago I was writing suspicious activity reports for the FBI as an employee at a large multi-state bank. I was personal friends with an intelligence analyst supervisor at the FBI at the time. At that time, the FBI wouldn’t even roll out of bed for anything less than $10,000 in damages. I hardly think they are looking for housewives at the mall. Then again, times have changed.

  2. I worked in retail loss prevention for a few years. “Organized retail theft” is different that shoplifting. It takes a number of forms, but in general, it involves insider information and insider cooperation. I remember one of my managers relaying an “ORT” instance in which the special orders manager and shipping manager were stealing from their Lowes employer to build houses on the side. They organized to have at least $55k in materials delivered as part of “special order deliveries” to two different properties. There are other cases in which parties used gift cards (around holiday season). They’d take the cards, steal the number, and put the cards back. When a customer activated the card, the thieves would then use the card up.

    In both cases, white females are NOT the ones engaged in the crimes. Now, general shoplifting is a different story. However, ORT is a much higher cost than general shoplifting by orders of magnitude.

  3. Everybody these days realizes that the actors they choose on any commercial or any picture on a government site is always the inverse of reality. Everything is make believe.

    My favorite is how banks and credit card companies, like Wells Fargo and Citibank, always now use blacks as their actors in commercials as if they are their target customers. Montgomery is 60% black. I don’t think I have ever seen a black person here using a credit card at the pump at a gas station. They always go in and pay a set amount in cash.

  4. Well, I mean, it’s just like the home alarm commercials where a lily white thief is robbing a home in broad daylight while the frightened minority home owner calls the security service where a strong minority woman dispatches police.

    Happens all the time!

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