“Bergoglio the Impostor’s goal is to subjugate Catholics and destroy the Catholic Faith through the act of pretending to be the Vicar of Christ in order to deceive the world.”

You need to stop whatever you are doing, and go read this absolute mic-drop, epic essay from Susan Matthiesen over at Les Femmes. Here is the intro. -nvp

Bergoglio Is the New Muhammad

Definition: act or an instance of deceiving others, especially by assuming a false identity 
Similar: pretense, deceit, deception, hoax, trick, ruse, fraud, trickery, artifice, false

Jorge Bergoglio, posturing as the Vicar of Christ, is fast inventing a new religion from the remains of the Catholic Church that he’s currently deliberately destroying. Using the Seven Marks of Imposture we see that Bergoglio fits the description of an impostor, picking up pieces of Catholicism here and there and changing them into something else entirely, exactly as his predecessor Muhammad did 1400 years ago. Muhammad was not stopped then, and so far no one has stopped Bergoglio now.

The Life of Mahomet by Humphrey Prideaux, written 327 years ago, therefore minus any hint of political correctness whitewashing the truth, was followed by Prideaux’s200 page Letter to the Deists outlining Muhammad’s fraudulent imposture as the Prophet of Islam. Muhammad’s false identity as a prophet was a lie, his new religion of Islam a deception, and his imposture as God’s last prophet a complete counterfeit, yet today almost 2 billion people on earth believe in Islam with Muhammad as their prophet. The goal of Muhammad the Impostor was to subjugate and destroy through the act of pretending to be someone else in order to deceive others.
Looking at Jorge Bergoglio through Prideaux’s Seven Marks of Imposture wherein he proves that Muhammad was an impostor, we see that Bergoglio likewise fits the description of being a deceitful fake, tricking Catholics into a new religion parallel with Muhammad’s trickery with his invention of Islam. Bergoglio the Impostor’s goal is to subjugate Catholics and destroy the Catholic Faith through the act of pretending to be the Vicar of Christ in order to deceive the world…

16 thoughts on ““Bergoglio the Impostor’s goal is to subjugate Catholics and destroy the Catholic Faith through the act of pretending to be the Vicar of Christ in order to deceive the world.””

      1. I am sure that the same globalist entities were behind both. The parallels are striking. That is why I think that the “impeded see” argument is best about why Antipope Bergoglio is a usurper and completely invalid as a pope. It also explains why we got Bergoglio from the invalid conclave (that is why they overthrew Pope Benedict) and not someone who would have made a great pope, like Cardinal Sarah or Cardinal Pell. I think the Robert Bellarmine and the Dr. Mazza arguments are good as well, but to me the impeded see is the best one. It is obvious that Pope Benedict was not being allowed to reign unimpeded and then was overthrown. A forced resignation is no resignation.

      1. You must admit the parallels between and legacies of Montini and Bergoglio are just too coincidental:

        Both proscribed the Latin Mass
        Both liked Communism and were friends with many Communist associates
        Both treated with hostility the defenders of the Faith
        Both have been outed as Sodomites
        Both have lifted any censures on Freemasonry
        Both permit Orthodox and Protestants to receive the Eucharist
        Both created Episcopal Conferences/Synods with no defined limits
        Both downplay devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints
        Both refused to receive groups of traditional priests and laity, but happily received Modernists, Freemasons, Communists, Globalists, Sodomites, (although unlike Bergoglio, Montini never praised Abortionists, at least not publicly)
        Both compelled droves of faithful priests and religious to leave their Conciliar Church

        Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Honestly, there is no such thing as 58 Sedeism. There’s the Fake Conciliar Church birthed at Vatican II in opposition to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of the Ages that has been in a prolonged eclipse since the death of Pope Pius XII. As everyone should realize on April 8th of this year, eclipses come to end.

        1. This fake Church, whether it began with Bergoglio or in 1958, occupies the same space as the Church. What the sedes did was remove themselves from both, they are outside the fight, they have decided to divorce themselves from Jesus’s dying bride, the Church. They only have their vain moral superiority. And what they have to embrace is not the Church , it is their fake version of it.

          You fight for the Church from within, not from the outside. Sedes are detestable.

          1. What fight? Mr. Matt is that you? Today, 129 cardinals are eligible to participate in a papal conclave. The number of votes required to be elected pope with a two-thirds supermajority is 86. Bergoglio has created 94 cardinal electors. Sedes have taken the only reasonable path forward, not recognizing the Fake Church hierarchy, ignoring its modernist diktats like Traditiones Custodes,etc., and waiting on Divine Chastisement and/or the eventual withering and emptying out of the Fake Church taking place presently.

          2. Anastagi,

            The reasonable path is starting a new cult/sect/church? Because that is what sedes have done.

            And as long as lay people upset with the church flee instead of fight, the hierarchy won’t have any reason to change, since we know they are cowards themselves.

            The devil wants to separate you from Jesus. Sedevacantism is one of his more creative ways, since sedes think they’re helping.

            Live in your delusion, for I know that even if things were magically healed tomorrow, sedes would stay sedes. It’s baked into the cake now.

  1. Mary Ann was like “we don’t have the “authority” to say the pope is not the pope”. Well, we have the brains to determine that a notorious public heretic is not the pope. We don’t need authority to point out the obvious…

    1. I know. It is such an absurd argument.

      And she should know better. I believe she is or was in the Diocese of Arlington. Many priests and laity knew that Bishop Keating of Arlington was murdered in Rome in 1998 two days after his private audience with Pope John Paul II in which he brought up the homosexual cabal that had infiltrated the hierarchy and asked Pope John Paul II to do something about it. I consider his murder the opening salvo of their attempt to take over the Vatican, which led to Antipope Bergoglio. Are we to respect the authority of those who murdered Bishop Keating?


  2. A very good essay and I applaud Susan for this. And please (some of) y’all, don’t try to spin this into an argument for 1958 sedeism. Mr. Ed is dead and his corpse is now a pile of powdered dust. Ain’t no point in beating him anymore.

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