Princess Kate and AI-gate… done on purpose?


Here is the Jeff Childers’ link to a much higher resolution version.

Not photoshopped, as initially claimed after the viralling. No, this entire thing is AI, except for the faces. Start with the hands/fingers… obviously AI. The background… have you ever used a fake backdrop on Zoom or Teams? That lighting on Kate’s knees, the anatomical impossibility of Charlotte’s knees, and finally the impossibility of Charlotte’s skirt.

Find more closeups HERE.

The question is, why? Beyond the obvious question of “Where’s Kate?”, one has to wonder the motive behind putting out this specimen. It is almost as if the purveyor did it with malice aforethought, but again, of what motive?

What do you think? The conspiracybox is open!

21 thoughts on “Princess Kate and AI-gate… done on purpose?”

  1. As the satanic world of A.I. starts to fast-forward, this is a good time to get all photographs of yourself and your kids off the internet. Still on social media? Delete every single thing you’ve ever posted, delete every like or comment you’ve ever made, unfriend every “friend” and then, close the account.

  2. I don’t really care but any woman who sews can plainly see the skirt has a pocket . The left hand of Catherine is just plain weird.

  3. It seems that some people disappear from public view for a while and then reappear looking somewhat different. In a photo a few days ago Princess Kate looked somewhat different from the way she used to look. Joe Biden pretty much disappeared from public view during the summer of 2020 – the height of the election season – and then reappeared in several forms (one righthanded, one lefthanded; different earlobes and ears; and at least one version with what looked like a mask that kind of rippled sometimes in a way normal skin just doesn’t). Damar Hamlin disappeared for only a few days and then reappeared but with his face pretty much obscured and mostly from a distance but up close once – without a tattoo that he had previously had. John Fetterman disappeared and someone appeared later looking obviously different but now it looks as if the original has reappeared. Melinda Gates who years ago was pretty and wholesome is now almost indistinguishable from Kevin Kline except for hair length. Tiffany Dover, the nurse who collapsed on live TV after getting a Covid vaxx, disappeared and reappeared two years or so later in an interview with very blond highlights and videoed from a distance of maybe 20 feet or so (kind of weird for an interview). Vladimir Putin looks quite different for that matter. If you point out obvious differences, people say you’re crazy. It’s as if you are supposed to look at reality and deny that it is reality. On a somewhat related note, about a week ago I watched a video on YouTube of Judy Collins and Pete Seeger singing “Turn, Turn, Turn.” It was from a decades-old TV show. Judy Collins looked perfectly normal until she turned her head and then she looked and moved like the robot Sophia but not quite as lifelike. I commented on that. A day or two later, I clicked into YouTube again, and that video was superimposed over the normal YouTube opening screen and asked in a little white box something to the effect of “what do you think of this.” That has never happened to me before and I have commented on a lot of YouTube videos. A key element of the worldwide psyop we are living through is confusion. Mix that with fear and people just want a clear way to safety, or what they think is safety.

    1. That is creepy, but I totally believe it about the Youtube video. I’ve searched things and then try again a few days later only to find the initial results/photos scrubbed. It really happens.

  4. My guess is that it was done just because it was easier than getting them all together for the perfect photo.

  5. I think they ought to just tell the public the truth about Kate Middleton. This has gone beyond the realm of privacy, and the public (in England) has a right to be told the plain truth. If something dire has happened to her, the citizens have a right to know about it. Regardless of her status, it has become pointlessly cruel to lie about it, and the responsibility is now on the Royal Family to share her health status, after these recent failed attempts to hide the truth. Trust is eroding, enough already. Subjects are legitimately worried, don’t they have enough to contend with. God bless her, whatever it is.

    1. I did not even realize she had been missing because I don’t watch TV any longer and am not on social media.

      I think it is most likely she has turbo cancer from the experimental deadly jab, and they don’t want to panic the public, especially since King Charles also has turbo cancer.

      1. I find it hard to believe any of these people would be given the real depop juice. Unless someone wanted them gone.

        1. If you’re at the top, we are talking like just a few people, and you were setting up the New World Order, why would want to get rid of royalty? You need to destroy all reminders of the past. Which is why the US doesn’t have elections anymore. I mean we go through the motions but we don’t change anything.

          1. Fair enough. But when you start killing off the high-profile ticket-takers, you run the risk of people jumping ship and using their platforms to expose them. It’s probably not worth the trouble when you already have the ticket-takers completely under control and doing your bidding.

            Besides, they’ve already successfully redefined royalty down to what it is in the UK, which is essentially an extension of celebrity culture. It bears little resemblance to what it once was (sort of like the fake monarch in Rome).

          2. Now that it’s being reported that Kate has cancer, that makes three royals recently diagnosed (Kate, Charles, Fergie).

            I think you might be right about this, Mike.

      2. The official press release said that the Princess would be out of
        circulation until at least Easter, but it seems the public can’t/don’t
        Most reasonable guess from medical friends is that she may have
        Crohn’s disease and had some sort of bowel resection, with a
        long recovery time.

        1. Welllll, maybe the public simply wants to know what is wrong with her and releasing clearly doctored photos only add to speculation?

          The British citizen pays money to keep the royals around. There should be more accountability.

  6. They sure are a cute little gang. The children seem to have acquired the “horsey” features of their great-grandmum the Queen, but in a good way.

  7. Were I a British subject, at this point I would be good and peeved. This is a game of cat and mouse. In my opinion, the “royal family” is behaving poorly, and it seems doubtful the Queen would have ever allowed such abuse of the public to be done. These people owe their subjects the truth, and they are seeming to be playing a game with them. End this nonsense, and let the people see her, if she’s alright, and end the suspense once and for all. What unmitigated foolishness this has become. Privacy is not taken to this extreme when you have a duty and obligation to the people who inhabit your kingdom. Do these people not owe their subjects truth?? The privacy of a sovereign only extends so far, and at this point seems outweighed by the escapade this has become. The British people are being publicly abused. This time not by their horrible government but by people they should be able to trust to care about them, as well. The Princess should not be “shopping”, as long as the people who care about her are in suspense. Show them!

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