Canceling elections to save democracy… Ukraine as proxy for USA this November?

“A very significant political event occurred in Ukraine earlier this month, and almost nobody noticed. President Volodymyr Zelensky, the leader of the war-torn country, just received approval from his parliament to extend Martial Law another 90 days. There have been many parliamentary extensions of the wartime mandate, but this one carried special significance because the 2024 presidential elections in Ukraine were scheduled for March 31, 2024, coinciding with the end of Zelensky’s five year term. Now that Martial Law is in place to cover that time period, Ukraine’s presidential elections have been canceled indefinitely…”

3 thoughts on “Canceling elections to save democracy… Ukraine as proxy for USA this November?”

  1. Douglas MacGregor, a Lt Colonel who has been eerily accurate on this Ukraine war, doesn’t seem to think there will be a US election in the fall.

    Could be chaos….Trump in jail, Biden forced out. Or a false flag attack blamed on Russia.

    I certainly think the oligarchs and Obama, the ones running things, would touch off a nuke here or in Ukraine and blame Russia. They want you dead or subservient.

  2. Psychopaths with power always tell you what they’re going to do before they do it cause they know they’ll get away with it (in this world). What has the Washington DC deep-state been saying via their propagandists in the media since 2020… “Donald Trump and MAGA people are a threat to democracy.” Last year, dementia Joe came up here to Philly and gave a hate-filled, meltdown speech in front of Independence Hall, which was bathed in a creepy shade of red lights, that “MAGA people were a threat to democracy.” If you can stomach a minute or two watching MSNBC, it’s the same thing over and over again… “Trump and his base are a threat to democracy.” And just to be fair, the controlled opposition party is saying the same thing, hoping that republicans are actually stupid enough to believe or care what Nikki Haley says.

    Stay confessed, stay rigid and pray hard

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