Two years into the NATO-created war in Ukraine, and the propaganda just won’t stop

Explanation from Mundabor:

Tomorrow will mark two years since the start of the Special Military Operation in THE Ukraine.

I remember very vividly the attempts of Russia to stop the NATO encirclement, and the repeated offers to avoid action if only Ukraine and NATO had declared membership for Ukraine off the table. But then there was more, as the Russians in the Donbas were systematically persecuted and, in fact, cannonaded.

Following the usual Anglo-Saxon pattern, NATO decided that they would force Russia to act, and then call them invaders. Around the 19 February, THE Ukraine began to shoot 2000 shells a day against the civilians in the Donbas, up from 20. Clearly, they wanted Russia to go in; thinking, in their immense incompetence, that the Ukrainian army, after 8 years of NATO training and rearmament, and with all the fortifications built, would easily defeat the Russian army. To this you must add the other fantasy, that the sanctions would cripple the Russian economy and force another colour revolution.


Russia reacted as it was clear it would. It recognised, by act of Parliament, Donetsk and Lugansk as independent Republics. Then they received the latter’s formal request for military help. Then they – again, by act of Parliament – authorised the Russian Government to intervene. This was the same pattern used by NATO to attack Serbia in, if memory serves, 1999. Then as now, no UN mandate was deemed necessary. What is good for the NATO goose must be good for the Russian gander.

What started then was the most colossal propaganda operation ever seen in the West, possibly worse than the COVID scare exercise. A wave of intolerance and Russophobia pervaded Europe in a way reminiscent of the Nazi book bonfires. Concerts cancelled because of Russian music, common citizen targeted in any possible way (not only with sanctions at home, but threatening their travel, aiming at their credit cards, etc.). Blank hatred.

Make no mistake, this hatred was not casual, or only due to perceived military reasons. It was very ideological from the start…


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  1. I keep coming back to one simple question: If Putin is truly the enemy of Clown World, why did he play along with the COVID lie? He had the opportunity to not participate at all and expose it for the fraud it was. Instead, he went along with the program. Why?

    1. Why did Trump play along with Covid? Why did many other conservative nations in Europe? They were all dealing with the unknown, even though many of us saw through it from the beginning. Mass delusion is a real thing.

      1. Trump went along with it for many awful reasons. For one, he is stupid. At any time he could’ve researched mRNA on his own, but spent 3 hours each night on Twitter instead. Two, he is a coward, and became a vax supporter in part because he wanted to win reelection. LIKE B16, he didn’t have a backbone. Three, as his evil former Sec of State Mike Pompeo said, all you have to do to get your way with Trump is flatter him.

        As far as world leaders go, Trump was probably the easiest to get to jump on the Pachamama sacrifice train.

        As far as Putin goes, he’s not a good man. He is evil. But in regards to Ukraine, he is 100 percent correct.

      2. I’ve been asking the Trump question for going on four years now. I understand mass formation is a real thing, we all lived it. But we’re not talking about wine moms enforcing social distancing and mask mandates at the market like rabid animals. These are world leaders, surrounded by highly intelligent and informed people. Did no one in either inner circle see the fraud and try to bring it to Trump or Putin’s attention? If so, did they just refuse to look at the evidence? (In Trump’s case, we know that to be the case: Scott Atlas tried to show him.)

        When I think back to how absurd and downright retarded everything got (dancing Tik Tok nurses, the nauseating “We’re all in this together” and “frontline heroes” marketing blitz, mask madness, etc) the idea of Trump and Putin getting swept up in the delusion, to the point of completely ignoring what was blindingly obvious to anyone with half a brain… that might be more alarming than the thought that they were both in on the hoax.

        And four years later, after the mass formation should have worn off, I still haven’t heard either one of them call out COVID for what it actually was.

        1. Why wouldn’t Trump get swept up? He is not a bright man. This guy failed at every thing he said he was going to do. The swamp he was going to drain is even MORE powerful than it was before he took office. Look at all the beautiful women around him. Do you think he hired that lawyer of his because she’s F. Lee Bailey? Or did he do it because he’s a narcissist and a victim of flattery?

          The only other option is that Trump is a full fledged participant in the Great Reset, is controlled opposition, is Kayfabe, which is Barnhardt’s position.

          And it’s worth asking if Putin is controlled opposition, too.

          1. That’s what I was getting at. I strongly suspect they’re both controlled. I get the temptation to side with Putin, since everything on the UKR side is so cartoonishly detestable (Zelenskyyy, Biden, NAFO, the endless grift, etc), while Putin is singing our tune about Christian civilization, globalists, satanic pedophiles, and all the things. But it’s a little too sudden, and a little too on the nose for me. The Vladimir Putin of recent years bears little resemblance to the Putin we knew for the first fifteen years of his reign. Just as the Trump of recent years sounds very different from the libertine New York socialite mogul/reality TV star we once knew.

            I don’t watch WWF, but I know the scripts flip very quickly and the good guys suddenly become bad guys and vice vera all the time. This all feels a bit like that.


      3. Does anyone have any guesses why so many priests, who should know better, were susceptible to the mass delusion of the CoVid scam, even the orthodox ones? I have been scratching my head lately about that, especially since I see behavior from them on other issues that show they have not learned a thing and would be easily scammed in the future. I am wondering if it has to do with their seminary training. Or are they too influenced by pop culture?

        1. I think because most people struggle to accept that things like the Illuminati are real. It sounds so cartoonish when these groups announce their plans on official websites and people think the devil is more subtle and not in your face. It comes off like some sarcastic joke or parody. So they laugh off the idea that Luciferians control the world, because the media would report it if their plans were so easy to find a child could do it. They don’t understand how almost all media is owned by a handful of billionaires and they just gaslight you about “crazy conspiracy theories”.

          I mean, you could direct people to the Great Reset official website, where the logo has 3 sixes and they would only question your sanity.

          1. I realize what I say sounds insane because they are censoring search engines. So it sounds like I am making up things.

          2. T, I agree with you. I think it is pride, an attachment to worldly respect. Their attitude is “I know I am pro-life, but at least I am not a ‘conspiracy theorist.”” They are always conceding something out of pride to get at least some respect by those who control the media. It is a way to place themselves above other Catholics. The easiest way to puff themselves up with pride is pretend to discount all “conspiracy theories.” Never mind that nearly every “conspiracy theory” of the past four years has ended up being true. This pride became deadly literally when these types got themselves and their families vaxxed.

      4. Because, like Musk and Putin, he is probably controlled opposition. Did he “lock her up”? “ Or was that just what his supporters wanted to hear?

  2. We should know by now, through our experiences with “Trad Inc,” that none of the popular, powerful, or well-financed individuals in the world are trustworthy. We have opposition, controlled opposition, double agents, triple agents, quadruples agents, and so forth. It is good to trust in God, not princes (Psalm 117). That covers politicians, clergy, “thought leaders,” and anyone else who . . . whenever they get pinched, will squeal.

    Also, we might spend a while researching and reflecting on how BOTH Ukraine and Russia are among the most crooked places on earth, which makes sense since they were a united force not terribly long ago. Don’t take my word for anythiing, but consider (and critically evaluate) these resources, exposing the KGB Russian and Eastern Heterodox Cult:

  3. As Chris said. Look at Trad Inc. Why can’t they see Francis?

    a) Because they have much to suffer psychologically.

    b) Because they have much to lose materially.

    c) Because they dug themselves in to deeply initially, and are too proud to admit their mistakes.

    d) Because they tell themselves that the sheep who follow them are too vulnerable, so they maintain the narrative facade for their sakes.

    e) They feel there is nothing they can do, so they ignore it and move on, hoping the angel of inevitability will never arrive in their day or pass-over them.

    f) They made too many bad calls and lost confidence in their ability to judge.

    g) All of the above.

    Trump and Putin might be just the same. Building their kingdoms on sand. Too much faith in the wrong people. Too many disappointments. Too proud. The people they shepherd can’t handle the Truth. Etc.

    There doesn’t need to be widespread conspiritorial collaboration. You only need to know that all various errors, immoralities, heresies and schisms will all lead to the same ends, regardless if all the actors are acting in concert, or independently, or antagonistically – they will all wind up building the EXACT SAME HELL on Earth, even with the best of intentions.

    1. Johnno-
      This is a keeper- the best simple explanation of the myriad reasons why we get things wrong and find it
      hard to recoup.
      The last paragraph is so true. Printing it out to review from time to time.
      Thank you.

  4. Gonzalo Lira has a very nice 2 hour video on Youtube on the Ukraine conflict. It’s called “Nuland” or “Victoria Nuland” I can’t remember. It goes through the entire Ukraine conflict and how she, a member of the US state department , has been running this war from the beginning.

    Victoria Nuland, by the way, is a Jew of Ukrainian descent. Lira exposes how Israeli mercenaries were the snipers at Maidan Square in 2014. And we know Zelensky is Jewish and it’s also known the Mossad has helped Ukraine in this war.

    And Gonzalo Lira is a US citizen and journalist who was killed in a Ukrainian prison in January, and no one cared.

  5. “Very vividly to stop NATO encirclement” – if so, why there was no problem with the Baltics? Why Putin wanted to become a part of NATO in 2004? That’s right. As if the war started due to Muscovite genocidal hatred towards Ukraine and it was never about NATO, but all about “restoring the Soviet Union”, as openly said by Vladimir Putin.

    “Shooting shells at Donbas civilians” – as revealed by Igor Girkin/Strelkov and Sergei Glazyev (one of Putin’s advisors in 2014), the Donbas operation was started like the “Abkhazia playbook” (funny how Western useful idiots of Muscovy do not remember that. Of course they don’t, they don’t know where Georgia is on the map) – meaning that Muscovy declared that Georgia somehow persecuted “native peoples” and, then, declared that Muscovy had the right to invade in order to “defend the German people of Sudetenland” – sorry, “the Ossetian people of Abkhazia” and the “Muscovite people of Ukraine”. “Anglo-Saxon” – found the Muscovite. Only Muscovites refer to the Western world like that.

    “Would easily defeat the Muscovite army” – yes, Muscovite army is being defeated. I’m sure that the likes of this “Mundabor” are “remote patriots” – sure, they can go to Ukraine and find out how “pathetic” the Ukrainian army is if they hate it so much. The truth is… Even without NATO, Muscovy would lose in Ukraine – as it’s currently busy doing (“we’re in Kherson forever”, “Kyiv in three days”). Muscovy lost the first Chechen war all on it’s own, despite Muscovite tactics such as reducing cities to rubble (the Western useful idiots of Muscovy just don’t want to acknowledge the butcher and criminal Surovikin – even through he reduced Aleppo to rubble in 2015). “Russophobia” – I thank you, “Mundabor”. We now all know that you are a Muscovite, merely pretending to be Italian or something. “Russophobia” does not exist, it’s a natural reaction to Muscovite crimes. Reagan was a Russophobe. What happened in the West is that, for the first time in a long time, the mask of “they’re people, too” was thrown off – now, you all see the genocidal sponsors, creators and trainers of Islamic terrorism in action. Now, you see what the Balts, the Finns, the Poles and a lot of others have been warning you about all these years. Now, you openly see the Muscovite cruelty – so aptly described by Maxim Gorky – through your social platforms. Now, you see how the delusion of “they’re people, too” is being broken – how all the Western investment into Muscovy (oil capital, etc.) is naturally (for Muscovites) being repaid by war, threats to march on Berlin and, of course, genocidal hatred (just like Western attempts to pander to Communism did not prevent the Cold War). Muscovites are safe to proclaim that the West is next after Ukraine – after all, the Western useful idiots of Muscovy do not even know Muscovite language.

    1. Putin never wanted to become part of NATO, that’s a western myth.

      Russia protested every expansion of NATO. Especially because in 1991 the US lied to Russia and said they wouldn’t go beyond Germany.

      Russia was provoked to draw the line at Ukraine, which they did as early as 2006. But the demonic west didn’t care.

      The US wanted Russia like Ukraine, corrupt and easy to bully. Now they want to destroy Russia because Russia won’t bend the knee.

      If the USSR has tried to include Mexico in the Warsaw Pact, the US would’ve done exactly what Russia did. And the US was perfectly willing to go to war over Soviet missiles in Ukraine.

      This arrogance that only US and western security matters, that Russian lives don’t matter, is demonic and is the reason why the west is dying.

      Putin is an evil man. But so is Joe Biden and every leader involved in this war against Russia which has been going on ever since the US directed coup in Ukraine in 2014.

      We didn’t pursue peace after the Cold War ended. We pursued world domination, and it dies in Ukraine.

      1. I think people assume the Cold War ended because that is the narrative but my own dwelling into history makes the idea suspect. China and Russia just gave up on communism without any battle? It seems more credible to me that they are allowing their enemies to build up their countries and isolate Western countries diplomatically before the hot war. Ever read New Lies For Old?

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