Can a non-Catholic be Pope? Can a Marxist be Catholic? Have the Laws of Noncontradiction and the Excluded Middle been abrogated?

14 thoughts on “Can a non-Catholic be Pope? Can a Marxist be Catholic? Have the Laws of Noncontradiction and the Excluded Middle been abrogated?”

  1. The people who say they’re praying for bergoglio’s conversion, I always want to say to them:

    “…To what?”

    By saying that they are admitting on some level or another that they believe he isn’t the Pope.

  2. Which is why Ann says REVERSION to Catholicism. Just change it to that and it makes more since. Still it implies that YES you believe he’s NOT the Pope.

  3. My dad was a Protestant. He even acknowledged Bergoglio wasn’t the pope. He said it was obvious as day. I mean, a Catholic can’t be a rabbi, so a non-Christian can’t be pope…

  4. A big factor that likely drives all such double-think is that they’d all have to face the possibility that we are entering the End Times, and have to reckon with the warnings of Fatima, aka, bad things are going to happen to us, VERY bad things, but we are too scared and don’t want to acknowledge that. Therefore, pretend/convince ourselves that things are normal, because ignorance is bliss.

  5. I think most people are like this because they struggle with believing in the supernatural and have a natural faith. Think of how quickly they poopoo the idea that God sends prophets to warn them. Jesus said we must always be awake, alert to the signs of the times, because He can return at any moment. But most people have a timeline that consigns the end times to some future generations hundreds of years from now, in contradiction to what He taught.

    When Jesus came the first time the religious people of his day also had expectations and timelines concerning the Messiah that led them to crucify Him as a pretender. And yet when you read the Old Testament, almost every book alludes to Him and His life. We can’t let expectations and timelines to blind us to what is happening in front of our eyes.

  6. The two intellectual architects of the Novus Ordo, Frs. Louis Bouyer and Josef Jungmann, SJ, had absolutely no supernatural faith and no belief in the Divine Protection against error. Their works spout that the Liturgy, since the 300s, was “corrupted”, and led souls away from the true meaning of “real presence” of community.

    It follows, then, that those who wholeheartedly defend the Novus Ordo would lack supernatural faith as well.

  7. Very much this. ^ I am convinced within the next few years we will see the end of the world. Sooner or later. Most people don’t want to be alive when things get truly bad. Many are too afraid of the suffering to come. Think things are bad now? We haven’t seen anything. I will genuinely be shocked if I live to be 50.

  8. I read theology from before Vatican II. The essence of the mass is the consecration, not just the words of the liturgy. I don’t defend Vatican II because I don’t believe in supernatural protection. I do it because either the people who convoked Vatican II were true popes or they were not.

    If they were true popes Vatican II had to have been supernaturally protected; if so, there has to be a hermenuetic of continuity, which there is (invincibly ignorant Protestants cannot be saved if they are outside the soul of the Church, since there is no salvation outside the Church; either Pius XI was a heretic or Lefebvre did not understand theology when he insisted Vatican II taught a false ecclesiology). And if they were not, it entails that the Catholic Church defected, unless there was a hidden pope dispatching bishops who have not died yet. And I am convinced that if Christianity is true, Catholicism cannot violate its own dogmas that specifically states what cannot happen. Eastern Orthodoxy is not an option for me, by both my own experiences and reasons.

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