Vicar of Marxist-homoglobalism sends open love letter to Klaus Schwab

Do not lose your faith over this impostor. He is not pope, but a criminal usurper. Also likely the False Prophet forerunner of Antichrist, but if he’s not, it is one hell of rehearsal. He is a primary collaborator with all the worst evil in the world today, and obviously, obviously so. Protect yourself. Warn others. Say the Rosary every day. Recite the Prayer to St. Michael often.

See if you can read between the lines, and welcome to the New World Order…


Pubblichiamo di seguito il Messaggio che il Santo Padre Francesco ha inviato al Prof. Klaus Schwab, Presidente Esecutivo del World Economic Forum, in occasione del meeting annuale in corso a Davos, in Svizzera, dal 15 al 19 gennaio 2024:

“…The process of globalization, which has by now clearly demonstrated the interdependence of the world’s nations and peoples, thus has a fundamentally moral dimension, which must make itself felt… it is essential that states and businesses join in promoting far-sighted and ethically sound models of globalization, which by their very nature must entail subordinating the pursuit of power and individual gain, be it political or economic, to the common good of our human family…

…national states have a limited capacity to govern rapid changes… This situation requires that businesses themselves be increasingly guided… by high ethical standards… A farsighted approach to these issues will prove decisive in meeting the goal of an integral development of humanity in solidarity. Authentic development must be global…

“At the same time, there is an evident need for international political action that, through the adoption of coordinated measures, can effectively pursue the goals of global peace and authentic development. In particular, it is important that intergovernmental structures be able effectively to exercise their functions of control… since the achievement of the common good is an objective beyond the reach of individual states… International organizations are also challenged to ensure the achievement of that equality…”


10 thoughts on “Vicar of Marxist-homoglobalism sends open love letter to Klaus Schwab”

  1. Paul VI outsourced authority to the UN. Francis follows suit to the WEF. At least Paul wasn’t slyly and subtly winking at the UN to go full authoritarian, and at least for appearance’s sake, the seats at the UN represented governments. Frankie is cedeing and encouraging totalitarian control to the merchants and moneylenders whom he likes to lie that he hates. But as demonstrated here, Frankie HATES the little guy, and especially the only one international supreme government that is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Fall in line peasants! It’s for the common good!

  2. If bergoglio went on livestream and said to the world, “Psych… you all been played, I ain’t the pope and I never was” I wonder how many Trad Incers and obeeedient “Fwancis is pope and it’s a sin to say he’s not” pew sitters would still refer to him as “Pope Francis”?

  3. I don’t think he’s THE False Prophet. In think he A False Prophet. The False Prophet of the Apocalypse gives credence to the Beast…which can be seen as government. Isn’t that what Bergie is doing? Pushing government (a Freemasonic Global Government) as the solution to the world’s problems?

    Most Conciliar hierarchs have conceded authority in some way, shape, or form to the concept of a global government. I don’t think it would be far-fetched to say that as a result of Vatican 2, (especially Dignitatis Humanae), clerics, especially those of episcopal rank, have been ceding authority to the state, more with each passing generation.

  4. One big giant word salad full of cute catch phrases and buzzwords to describe straight up communism. Remember, when the USSR and Berlin Wall fell, European communists didn’t go away. They simply changed clothes, blended in, and 30 years later re-appeared and re-branded. Is it just me or do all of these WEF elitist clowns with their hair styles etc. look like they came straight from the Capital of The Hunger Games?

  5. They’d make videos and release statements telling Frank that he wrong, and overly-explain to him that he is the Pope no matter what he says he is.

    Then they’d turn around and tell us not to listen to Francis when he says he is not the Pope, because he is, shut up schismatic!

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