6 thoughts on “Tesla hell in Chicago: Two hours to charge, twice a day… batteries are dying because the lines to recharge are so long”

  1. It was known that heat or cold was going to drain the batteries and give you less charged time. The batteries are horrible for the environment, the car is way overpriced, batteries cost 1/4 the price of the car to replace.
    What kind of jackass bought these things. What kind of maniac government STILL wants to shove these down our throats, like it or not. Ask Howdy Doody, Buttigieg, he thinks they’re marvelous, and we’re getting them.
    2024 baby.

  2. Not sure about safety/smog inspection requirements but the thing doesn’t presently have a tailpipe. Perhaps the Tesla arbitrage play is to buy used on the cheap. Rebuild with a diesel or a gas motor?

  3. Well electric vehicles don’t need a pipe as there is no exhaust. Hybrid cars that can use both gas and electric that you can switch between at will would be a far better option.

    The propaganda media must be in an absolute bind. On one hand reporting this hurts Elon Musk, whom they hate for not censoring Twitter. On the other hand, reporting this hurts their overlords’ climate utopian schemes.

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