Send this video to all the maskholes in your life

I do not know the credibility of the leaks that allege the return of mask mandates and lockdowns, but I assure you that masks, surgical, N95, and KN95, DO NOT stop the spread of respiratory viruses. I could link to scientific articles all day long, but instead I’ll just post this video. It’s worth your 15 minutes. Watch the whole thing; all the info you need to refute the Masked Covidians is contained in this mic-drop:

One thought on “Send this video to all the maskholes in your life”

  1. Saved it!

    But it’s not like any maskholes will be persuaded. People don’t care about facts. They just don’t.

    The other day I met a friend of a friend, at dinner. We were doing covid tales. Offhand I said “Well one thing we know, the covid vaxx don’t stop covid”. She did, you know, that half-outraged double take, “Oh yes they do!” I mentioned Biden & Fauci, how they’re “fully vaxxed” but get covid again & again. Mouth agape, she had no answer, but still I could tell it made not the tiniest difference to her.

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