12 thoughts on “Isn’t it amazing that a new variant came out this week and the vaccine is already ready?”

  1. Dude, seriously! Stop being such a conspiracy theorist! They *OBVIOUSLY* got in their Klingon bird-of-prey and did a slingshot maneuver around the sun at WARP SPEED to travel back in time to do the research they needed to make sure it was safe and effective. Take off your tinfoil hat for once!

    1. We know it’s possible. If it weren’t, Lois Lane would have perished in her car listening to Supertramp in that San Andreas surface rupture.

  2. Oh ye of little faith … if anybody were capable of inventing a time machine, assuredly it would be SCIENTISTS!!!

  3. Are you all ready to spray paint “don’t” over billboards saying “get your booster” and flip the middle finger with a un-masked smile to the cameras above? Are you ready to ready to board planes with a face burqua and then once take off happens, take them off and laugh when the flight attendants and Karens and Barbie-Kevins start to squeal? Are you ready to say “go ahead” when your employer threatens to fire you when you refuse proof of the original jab and the latest booster? Basically, are you ready to say F-you to satan and I love you to Christ? I am and I hope I won’t be alone. Come get me you God-less bitches! Andrew Dunn, Philadelphia PA.

  4. In the last few days — and now — I have seen good Catholics (I think!) using really bad, vulgar language. Yes, I’m prudish, sorry.

  5. You need to reflect on the language you use — maybe you have picked up something shedded by the vaxxed and it’s in your brains. There are women who veil for Mass and yet use disgusting language.

    1. Deborah, you will never, ever, hear me violating the Second Commandment, I assure you. We shouldn’t elevate man-made words to the level of blasphemy, because it isn’t.

      1. I didn’t say it was blasphemy — it was not. It was scatological — a far lesser thing. I just think that things are terribly wrong in so many ways and could Catholics, if no one else, please not use sh** and bi*** and such. It’s demeaning, and worse from women. Something is wrong.

        1. Hello Deborah,

          Thank you for my new word of the week:

          Relating to the research area of scatology, the particulate study of biological excrement, feces or dung.
          Relating to scatology, the usage of obscenities.
          Dealing pruriently with excrement and excretory functions.
          Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

          I like it 🙂

          Must admit that during recent times I’ve succumbed to the “scatological syndrome” and working on “antidotal measures.” Don’t want it to become a free-fall.


          J. Marren, Jr.

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