Our beloved Nurse Claire now has her own blog, nurseclairesays.com!! The topic at hand in her first post is the Sound of Freedom movie, which I have been discussing with her at length these last two months. The “based on a true story” story is a stretch, with nearly all the details being fabricated by the subject/producer Tim Ballard. Video interviews are easily searched (she includes a twitter thread at her post) where Ballard retells with breathtaking drama the armed raids, the battles at the border, how the trafficked boy leapt into his hands of freedom! None of that ever happened, as the court records prove. Sum ting wong. Nurse Claire, take it away!


This morning, a friend texted to ask if I wanted to see the Caviezel movie “the Sound of Freedom”. My answer? A resounding no.

That’s not to say child trafficking isn’t real. I believe that it is. I believe sex abuse is an enormous problem (for anyone who doesn’t, please read The Franklin Coverup, which predates the Q nonsense). However, this movie smells really bad to me, and here’s why.

The movie features the story of Tim Ballard, a former ICE agent, recounting an allegedly true story of his encounter with the overwhelming issue of child sex trafficking. He’s given multiple interviews in both print media and video detailing the case featured in the movie (calling it his origin story), and viewers are told the movie is based on a true story.

Most reasonable adults understand that “based on a true story” means its mostly true but some creative liberties have been taken. The problem is, when we compare Ballard’s own words, which mirror the movie’s plot, with actual court records of the case the movie focuses on, we see that creative license has been taken with nearly the entire thing: The boy was an American (not Mexican as alleged by Ballard), he was taken across the border with the knowledge and consent of his family, there was no “raid” as Ballard tells in his origin story, the sister was not being trafficked as portrayed in the movie, and on & on. Really, Ballard’s entire narrative (and the SoF plot) is debunked by the court records, which are available online.

I’m struggling to find any truth to the movie. Really, what we have here is a typical case of pedophilia where the victim was molested by a trusted family friend. This is NOT a story of machine-gun, muscle-laden heroes rescuing children from a mass sex trafficking ring. Please note: pedophilia is horrific & gravely evil. I am not trying to make light of the plight of this young boy who has undoubtedly suffered so much. But his story has been used for stolen valor, in my opinion.

Therefore, I see no reason to spend my time and money on what appears to be a psy-op of some sort. Why not just declare the movie to be a fictional story that highlights the plight of trafficking victims? Why go through all the trouble to convince people this is real & Ballard is some sort of single-handed hero? Why all the adversity-marketing, convincing good people that “they” don’t want you to see this? Tickets for this movie went on sale in June, weeks before its release in July, with heavy social-media marketing. And Caviezel himself appears at the end of the movie encouraging viewers to buy more tickets so they can help end child sex trafficking. Huh?? How does buying tickets to a fictional movie end child sex trafficking?

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  1. I saw it twice when it was in the theater. Not because I believed it was true, but because I wanted to see for myself what Bee Ess they were propagating. (I went the second time because I missed the first 10/15 mins the first time). I asked three different people who were all ra ra for it (one being a trad, SSPX Catholic blogger) if there were any hints of “tracking”…they ALL said no. That simply is not true. It is clearly indicated in the movie. My two friends have now conceded, it is pure propaganda. The Catholic blogger? She’s not said anything to indicate she’s changed her mind….and I know she reads this space.

    1. Kono, when you saying “tracking,” do you mean like “oh we have to chip all the children for their safety” ??

      1. Yes. They didn’t come out and say to chip the children. They gave Caviezel and his side kick a syringe with the chip in it and told them they could either inject it or keep it in their wallet. Clearly implied. What gets me are the three people I asked if it was implied in anyway all said no. The movie is 1000% propaganda. If they didn’t want to imply chipping, they would not have given them the chips in a syringe. Period.

    2. There is a bigger issue here. This is a movie reviled by the Left, yet serves a purpose beyond Left and Right. That’s why this entire US government, and ALL western governments (even Hungary, whose ra ra leader Oran is part of the WEF) is theater.

      No matter what “side” your on, evil wins.

      1. Agree. And if TPTB didn’t want that movie out, it wouldn’t have seen the light of day. If Caviezel and company and dare I say Gibson too were serious about stopping child trafficking and abuse, they’d start in their own backyard….Hollywood. Cesspool of perverts.

        1. I’ve always liked Caviezel, all the way back to The Thin Red Line. And his story about getting that part, finishing the Glorious Mysteries in Terrance Malick’s driveway, and giving the Rosary to Malick’s wife… great stuff.

          Ann mentioned his devotion to Medjugorje yesterday. That’s bothered me for a while. Then he showed up at some Q rally with Lin Wood, et al in Oklahoma City a couple of years ago. That was strike two. This Ballard business is strike three.

          I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he struggles with discernment. Maybe being shut out of Hollywood made him too easily manipulated, too eager to be accepted into a group. Whatever the case, he certainly can’t be trusted.

          You could say the same for Gibson, but he also has the unrepentant, public mortal sin thing going on. So we can be pretty sure of the root cause of his lapses.

          Pray for them both. I don’t think they’re spooks or plants, I just think they got lost out there. Pray they find their way back.

          1. You can’t judge the Internal Forum. You have no idea the true state of Gibson’s soul, and have no right to publicly comment on it. He’s certainly made mistakes, but as to his *current* state, we don’t know.

          2. I don’t think I said anything more than what Ann has said numerous times, re: the situation with Mel’s marriage and subsequent relationships (the lapses I was alluding to). But you’re right, he could be confessed and dealing with the situation for all any of us know.

  2. Liberal parents won’t hesitate for a minute to microchip their kids. But conservatives are going to have to be really scared into doing something like that. I think nurse Claire’s hypothesis for psy-op three in this post is spot on.

  3. I really don’t get it, guys. I saw the movie and have followed the media and such around it. I don’t pretend to understand why Ballard stretched the truth on the story, but in no way do I think this movie and its follow up campaigns are part of a conspiracy. The point, as both Caviezal and Ballard stated, was to bring awareness on the trafficking issue, which is achieving that very goal. As far as Gibson goes, he is one of the few who have shone a spotlight on Hollywood evils and was punished to the point of having to produce his own movies. Right now he’s planning a documentary on trafficking. Let’s not eat our own!

    1. I agree with you that we shouldn’t eat our own. I have a client who is a border agent and I asked him about the movie. His response was that it was good, but the reality is far worse. Based on my conversation with him, the Ballard question seems similar to the Trump question…. are we concerned more about principles? or personalities?….

        1. A lot of that going around. I believe Rob O’Neil did it when he came out as the guy who killed OBL. His Seal team hated him for that because in the chaos there was no way to tell who actually shot him, mandy said he didn’t, and you’re not supposed to go public with that kind of thing. But it made him a nice second career, didn’t it?

      1. I was accepted into the US Border Patrol in 2008. I aced the exam but did terrible on the oral board (interview). My duty station would have been El Paso, Texas. It was great money, 50,000 dollars to start. But I was anxious and worried if I could get through it. Soon after that my mom got sick and died, and the decision was ultimately made for me.

        I will admit I am a worrier and am not good with trauma. I can’t imagine if I was down there now seeing the absolute destruction Biden wrought, how my mental health would be.

        Ps. On a lighter note, during the oral board I had 3 border agents in full uniform screaming at me, and while it’s necessary to be hard, and to intimdate because you’re doing to see awful crap on the MEXICAN border, they came down from Canada in a minivan.

    2. Angela I agree. The “everything & everyone – except us – must be up to something evil” type of thinking sometimes seen in comments, can be disappointing.

      If Ballard is a Mormon – yes that’s bad. If Ballard is stealing valor in a grift – yes that’s bad.

      But, note the “if”. Such claims can be checked out. Since they’ve been made in public, in spirit of 8th commandment they had better check out.

      Meanwhile I still haven’t seen the movie. But all this brouhaha is getting me curious. And child trafficking is an issue that FOR SURE needs MUCH more attention.

      OK it does need the right kind of attention, ie, honest – not grifting. But plenty of good people, who usually check things out, support this movie a lot.

      For example Jack Posobiec….public vaxx opponent, TLM Rosary & Catholic proselytizer. I’ve met him IRL. NO WAY would Jack support the least hint of micro-chipping his kids. The claim could be true only if Jack got super misled. In a spirit of “We all mistakes”, it’s possible – but I don’t buy it just yet.

      Again: I was gonna skip this movie – there’s plenty of emotion in my life already – but the controversy here, renews my curiosity.

  4. I am thrilled Nurse Claire is starting her own blog. I always enjoyed listening to her when Ann would have her on. Best wishes, Nurse Claire!!

  5. Yes, we eat your own. This is why we always lose. A leftist does not care that a movie is full of lies. We are always trying to prove we know better than anybody by criticizing our own. The Left is a machine, an army, ar swarm of people going in the same direction. We are Pancho Villa’s army, everybody fighting in a different direction. Then we complain that we lose, but we feel good about ourselves. As the book by Sam Francis says, we are beautiful losers.

    I only know one thing about this movie. The Left has tried to discredit it in the most vicious and dishonest way. This is enough for me to go and watch it. I don’t give a damn if it is a complete fabrication. This Is a war, not a philosophical debate by 17th century aristocrats. While the house is burning, we are discussing the sex of the angels

    1. I’m with Nobody here. I can’t understand this constant stream of self-sabotaging infighting. It’s all well and good to caution against getting too attached to any particular person taking the lead in the battles against our enemies, and to suggest better strategies, etc., but this seeming compulsion to tear down anyone who shows even the slightest indication of not having the purest of intentions is baffling.
      Is it the rationale that anyone who has any success is ipso facto “controlled opposition” because they have to be allowed to have success by the globalists? If so, then we’ve fallen for their lies that they are omnipotent and we’re powerless against them. No, they are weak, pathetic fools being led by the Biggest Loser in History, Satan. Sure, let’s watch out for actual controlled opposition, but seeing everyone as controlled opposition is a losing strategy to be sure. And please consider that even actual controlled opposition can used by our side to make advances for the restoration of Christendom.

      Vivo Cristo Rey!

      1. It’s important because the SoS can often get more cooperation using controlled opp. than their own stooges. Do you think that the conservatives of this country would have gone along with the shut down of the country, or the Covidcon, had it come from Hillary? No, at least half the country would have smelt the rat and been kicking and screaming. But because Trump did it, people trusted him, and went along. The same with this movie. I haven’t seen it, just reviews and personal accounts. But I have read that they advise people to call extremely shady missing child organizations if you know something, etc. And these outfits are run by people with sketchy pasts, like the Clintons and their Haitian involvement. Add to that the chipping endorsement and it sounds like a psyop to gently push that Overton window toward chipping and neutralizing action by directing it toward dubious agencies. The pedophilia entrenched in governments worldwide is horrific. It was bad back in the ’80’s with that Franklin-Boys Town mess cover-up, and no one was ever held accountable for it, just Larry King for embezzlement.

  6. You will all take the chip when it’s that or food. Stop kidding yourselves. No one here in this blog is going to die from starvation because of their principals. That’s laughable. Keep telling yourselves you won’t but you will.

    As for the movie…who knows, who cares. Nothing is going to stop what is coming. Nothing is going to stop what is already happening. Keep blogging and rubbing those beads. All the evil leads right back to Rome and your fake ass pope.

    1. If the “chipping” is the Mark of the Beast, and we are unable to buy or sell (eat), then yes, sadly, many will not make it. And it’s exactly why I pray for the grace and fortitude of martyrdom. We Catholics know we can do nothing without the graces of God given to us through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

      As to all the evil leads right back to Rome and our “fake ass pope” you’re partly correct…..it’s been the last six “fake ass” popes and the birth of the “fake ass” Church who calls itself the Catholic Church. It’s BECAUSE we’ve had no pope for six decades and Satan has been able to unleash his vengeance on the world that things are as bad as they are.

      Might want to consider picking up your beads and praying for the grace to withstand the storm.

    2. Jesus is capable of multiplying food, and we have the fear of hell to keep us from assenting to the mark of the beast”

      1. Of course Jesus can multiply food, but if we’re in end times, I sort of doubt He will. Maybe for a few Saints….but not for those of us who.need purgatory to make it. The hell Catholics will endure in the last days WILL be their (my) purgation as purgatory will end when the new heaven and earth are created. And it won’t be just food and shelter. What about those who need medical services; medicine, procedures? I don’t know that fear of hell will be enough….it’s love of our crosses for love of God that will truly help us. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a Saint and I don’t love my crosses….not yet anyway.

        1. If there is no buying or selling, and neither will God provide, how will there be any Christians left on earth? The antichrist will have control over almost all the technology, even satellites and military equipment, when the one world government forms.

          Who do you say the woman in the wilderness is? I think it’s a reference to the remnant Church because that women suffers labor pains, so it is not the Virgin Math. She will flee into the wilderness for 3 1/2 years.

          Yes, there will be many martyrs, but a small remnant will survive.

          1. I agree T. There will be a remnant, but as you say there will be martyrs too. If I’m alive when the AC is revealed, I believe it’s better to prepare for possible martyrdom than bank on or hope to be the remnant God provides for. If we are of the mindset that we’ll be part of the remnant and God will provide, we may not make it if God calls us to martyrdom instead. That’s how I see it anyway.

        2. When you look at the deaths of tens of millions of Christians at the hands of the bolsheviks in Russia, and the parallels with today’s U.S., it appears that Americans, the white Christian ones, anyway, are slated for the same fate. This is because of allowing communist/satanic advancement. I don’t see any kind of divine intervention coming to save us from embracing the “errors” of Russia. That is not to say that there may not be some protection afforded to some of the elect, on an individual level, to serve God’s plan. Be ready for martyrdom. Who wants to live in the “better” world they have planned, anyway?? I hope to go like this little nun in the movie clip Ann B. linked to a few days ago.

    3. I didn’t take the clot shot; lost one job because of it, almost lost a second. I stopped masking at a job prior to those two a few months after mandates kicked in and was fired for it.

      I write this on my break from my part time job I’m working at until the late evening tonight on top of my normal 40 hour per week job. I’m married with 3 kids.

      Not all of us took the shot nor will we take the chip.

  7. I think the run down here on Sound of Freedom is much too harsh. I couldn’t care less if license was taken in a “based on a true story” movie.
    It’s two hours to portray a story about something that happens far too often, with not nearly enough being done about it.
    Porous borders and a boatload of people in high places who frequent places like Epstein’s island of orgies make for situations that are I probably far more shocking than anything portrayed in the movie.
    What have you done and how much have you contributed towards ending the abuse of children by any and every method and conceivable manner?
    You make a big deal of Ballard’s Mormonism, yet say nothing of Jim Caviezel’s true and devout Catholicism.
    Francis may very well be an anti-Pope, but who anointed you the actual guarantor of the True Faith?
    Your sede stance might even be right but do you honestly believe The Good Lord, Who forgave his murderer’s from the cross has no Mercy left for those of us who have been left to wonder what’s happening in the midst of diabolical disorientation?
    Grow up and realize The Will of God has always been to show Mercy to those who strive to do HIS Will and obey the Father’s commands within the context of their broken lives. Purgatory serves a purpose.

    1. We will be judged accordingly. We are all called to seek the absolute truth. God knows our hearts and souls. It’s one thing to seek answers and be confused, yet make the most “perfect” choice you can, it’s quite another to pretend you don’t know.

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