The gulags are here. Ask your elected Uniparty Senator why this is allowed.

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  1. This is Ryan Samsel, the kid who was taking instruction from Ray Epps when the first barricade was breached. He was the one who was acting all hopped-up, then turned his baseball cap backwards, and stormed when Epps said go.

    Here’s Samsel’s resume, readily available on every MSM outlet:

    – 2006, convicted of terroristic threats, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after allegedly trying to run a female victim off the road because she owed him $60. He was accused of approaching her vehicle, punching her vehicle and telling her he knew where she lived and would kill her if he did not get his money.
    – 2007, accused of hitting a man in the face after getting into the man’s car.
    – 2009, held a female victim against her will for 5 hours, choked her to the point of unconsciousness, pushed her, beat her and chipped her teeth. Convicted of simple assault and reckless endangerment.
    – 2011, choked and beat his pregnant girlfriend. He was convicted of simple assault, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and unlawful restraint.
    – 2015, choked another woman to the point of unconsciousness and hit her so hard she had a hematoma. He was convicted of simple assault.
    – 2019, another female victim accused him of raping her multiple times, choking her to the point of unconsciousness and breaking into her house and assaulting her in Riverside, New Jersey, USA. She obtained a restraining order but he violated it multiple times.

    So apparently, Johnny MAGA, hero of election integrity, has never met a woman he hasn’t choked half to death.

    Don’t get me wrong, this list reads like it came from the boys in the basement at Langley after they’ve had too much coffee. How in the world is a guy like that, with those priors, free to storm the Capitol in January of 2021 after multiple rapes and an aggravated assault in 2019? This woman got a restraining order, but never bothered to press charges on multiple felonies? And no consequences on violating the restraining order multiple times? How exactly does that work?

    Ryan Samsel, if anyone by that name really exists, is not the hill for us to die on. IMO, these aren’t “leaked photos”, they’re outrage bait. Maybe get the right to do something stupid, or at the very least, get us to rally around a guy who — the MSM will remind everyone — really, really likes to choke women out.

  2. The meditation of the second glorious mystery of the rosary is that Heaven is our true home. Absolutely true. As long as we reside in this valley of tears we can expect nothing but suffering. Focus on what is above.

    1. Indeed! The fruit of the Second Glorious is HOPE. This life on earth is only the means to our ultimate end. Wield the suffering with grace and perseverance.

  3. Again, my theory is that Donald Trump is playing the good guy vs the government bad guy in this whole debacle. Because of Trump there is a DC gulag! Because of Trump Chris Wray is head of the FBI. Because of Trump the pied piper, thousands went to the Capitol, and feds in the crowd instigated a riot.

    I have no clue what’s going to happen with these court cases, but I do know that the real target of the government isn’t Trump but any Republican/Conservative/Christian , etc.

    Just remember that Trump dumped the mRNA bioweapon on us. I think he’s part of the swamp, and he’s simply playing a role.

    1. My personal opinion is, Trump was Obama’s bridge between a second and third term. He kept the keys to the machine out of the Clintons’ hands. These people didn’t just learn how to steal elections in 2020. With Obama in power, and his DOJ minding the store, they easily could have stolen 2016. They didn’t for a reason.

    2. I’m no Trump ra ra. For all the reasons you list. My point was to highlight the conditions in the gulag.

      1. Yeah I know, but Trump is always part of this since these people in the gulag are basically being punished because of him.

        I mean, I voted for Trump in 2016. I saw it as a choice between a narcissistic clown and Satan in a pantsuit.

  4. I think the whole thing is a charade. They want for us to believe this could happen to us if we protest.
    Psychological Operation.

  5. This reminds me of how fast the tyranny has worsened since the 9/11 events. Check out this Wikipedia for the Gitmo camps (Camp X-Ray):

    Look at the pictures (from 2002, NOT recent). Why do all of those prisoners seem to be wearing . . . face panties?! Perhaps because they tested it their before springing it on the rest of us. I wonder if they’ll try a similar strategy with anything else . . .

    1. A lot of us are just waiting for the next big scam. Will they bring back the useless face diapers? Or something having to do with the fake climate emergency they tout? They will try a similar strategy, and once again it will work because people are so dumbed down through social media and persistent sin that discernment of truth is rare.

      I still see people wearing face diapers in public, and I have to turn away and distract myself so I don’t feel rage. It’s their right to put a useless piece of cloth over their breathing apparatus. It is unjustified of me to feel mad. Am I angry because of the stupid scam or because less than a month ago I watch my mom die of COPD and realize how precious it is to breathe freely? I don’t know.

      1. We don’t actually know. There are many things they can do, and they leave a lots of bread trails. For example, nuclear war or cyberpandamic or carrington event or scamdemic round 2 or Catholic schism. They might just keep toying with the few who are paying attention.

        We do know that they want to force everyone to be id’d to live. We also know that someday a fake Christ will be worshipped by everyone except a small remnant who God will care for (woman in the wilderness).

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