7 thoughts on “Idiots, muzzle awareness, and trigger discipline”

      1. Not true. Back in 2004 the feds were looking for tax and finance guys with many years of corporate experience to “sign up” with the US Treasury Department as LMSB (Large and Mid Size Business) agents and executives to provide the talent and experience lost to agency attrition and retirement. There was no succession plan. I signed up as an International Tax Examiner and all of my cases were very large case, multinational corporations. A number of us felt we were exercising our patriotic duty by examining the large,mutinationals with the intention of staunching the flow of untaxed profits leaving the USA and flowing to foreign tax havens. Individuals and small businesses were not part of our case inventory – not something we were inclined, interested or willing to get involved with……

        ….. Anyway, none of us were armed. The collection agents were armed as well as agents involved with criminal investigations; but that’s it. Perhaps that has changed a bit: I doubt it.

        For a while I worked in the federal building, 6th & Arch Philadelphia. The LMSB division employed economists, actuaries, attorneys…anyway, one of the economists was taking a Sunday stroll and died of a heart attack.

        That monday while clearing out his desk the manager found a pistol loaded with hollow points.

        How he ever got the firearm into the building is a mystery to me since we all passed through metal detectors to get into the building. The building houses a number of federal agencies many of whose agents are armed. Maybe he came up with a fake id that allowed him to pass through the detectors.

        So, the finding of the firearm and especially the hollow points (and I emphasize the hollow points) so traumatized the manager of my division that she arranged for a psychologist to come to the office and provide “trauma counselling” to any of the agents who were psychologically traumatized by the presence of hollow points in the office.

        When I was approached by the manager inquiring if I needed counselling I told her that I had no problem with the hollow points – keep them in my edc all the time. She had to sign up for additional counselling….and our relationship was never the same.

        My point – not all agents carry a side arm.

        Resigned from the feds after 6 years of examining very large domestic and multinational corporations. Most people have no idea of the complexities of multinational corporate activities and the super complex organizational structures they create to take advantage of the tax code.

        Great learning experience; more ways than one. But very toxic.

    1. Because the nature of their work is dealing with criminals. They have always been armed. Watch The Untouchables.

      1. Well, you should understand by now that who the government considers a “criminal” these days is a bit well, diabolical. And with the IRS’ current expansion of its armed personnel by thousands, maybe one day you will discover that you’re a ‘criminal’.

  1. The problem isn’t that they are carrying guns, it’s that their definition of criminal will probably be greatly expanded in the near future…

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