Uniparty Neocons want mo’ money for Ukrainian “democracy”

12 thoughts on “Uniparty Neocons want mo’ money for Ukrainian “democracy””

  1. Ukraine was considered the most corrupt country in the world in 2021.
    Russia is more democratic than not only Ukraine, but the USA at this point.
    And I really hate Putin.
    But he’s got the moral high ground on this one.

  2. Reminds me of those atrocious Republicans for Hobbs webcam ads during the most recent fake election here.

    It’s impossible to express how much I’ve come to loathe the word “democracy” over the last five years.

    1. It’s a Bill Kristol production. No actual republicans* were harmed (or used) in the making of this film.

      *if such a thing exists anymore

    1. Don’t look for any Democrats for the “401ed nation” either. Calling themselves “the Unipsrty for WWIII” would be more accurate.

  3. Where is the Republicans for Americans organization? The group that says to stop being fiscally irresponsible and fighting a proxy war in which both sides are wrong while our borders are wide open and undefended?

    Where is that group?

    Look at the lock downs in 2020 and explain again how we are not effectively in an emergent dictatorship. Look at the national debt and figure out how we can avoid the bankruptcy that typically comes before a communist coup.

    This is an excellent time to reread St. Augustine’s City of God. If it’s not obvious we have no hope in earthly princes or presidents, you’re just not paying attention.

    1. Aid to Maui? Why would they aid Maui? Getting rid of private property and creating “smart cities” is their goal, and Maui accomplishes that. Then again, so does helping a corrupt Nazi Eurasian country.

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