Professor Fails Student for Using Term “Biological Women.”

By Matt Archbold

This is where we are now. You send your children to college so that they can succeed in life but you get back a frightened brainwashed toddler. They are the gatekeepers to a college education and they will wield whatever power they have to indoctrinate their students.

Higher education should be a place for debate and mind-growing. Now, it’s where independent thought goes to die.

The Blaze: The university professor who gave a student a zero on her assignment for using the term “biological women” has defended her decision and said that it is important to correct students who use “outdated terminology.”

Recently, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati posted a video in which she claimed she received a zero on her project proposal in a Women’s Gender Studies in Pop Culture course. The student planned on arguing that transgender athletes who compete in women’s sports were taking opportunities from “biological women.”

However, Olivia Krolczyk, 20, said that she was failed for using the “exclusionary” term despite the teacher admitting that she submitted a “solid proposal.”

“Olivia, this is a solid proposal. However, the terms ‘biological women’ are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they reinforce heteronormativity,” the professor’s remarks read.


These people are fascists. Whatever power they have they will wield. They are ideologues who have been protected from the consequences of their insanity for too long. It’s time the free market catches up with them. Parents, choose your child’s college carefully.

3 thoughts on “Professor Fails Student for Using Term “Biological Women.””

  1. I’ll also put this story here, as it’s implications are flying under the radar.

    Folks, listen to me. If they can ban or heavily limit and regulate the remaining limited and naturally expensive quantities of meat…


    This is about stealthily putting an END to the Sacrifice of the Mass!

    Our heretical clergy will then seek some new materials as a substitute so that you’ll continue to show up on Sunday to give them envelopes, and this abomination will be worshipped on the altars, while elsewhere there are only prayer services without Masses.

    Real masses will be rare and underground using contraband smuggled bread and wine, perhaps limited so that you only receive Communion when you are dying as part of your last rites or in danger. Perhaps occasionally breaking particles of Him and the remainder being stored broken in the hidden tabernacle/monstrance, maintained for as long as God miraculously wills.

    1. All this abstaining from meat and procreating reminds me of 1 Timothy 4:

      Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the last times some will turn away from the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and demonic instructionsa
      through the hypocrisy of liars with branded consciences.
      They forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.b
      For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected when received with thanksgiving,c

  2. If you waste your time and (your parents’) money taking a course called “Women’s Gender Studies in Pop Culture ” you deserve this.

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