Starting tomorrow, masks and leper distancing are mandatory again at the White House if you’re UNVACCINATED


Masks are back at the White House.

Even in 2023, well after all available evidence has confirmed that masks are completely ineffective at stopping COVID, the Biden administration just won’t quit.

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are inviting national championship teams from NCAA Division I, II and II to the White House on Monday. Both men’s and women’s teams will be honored by the administration for their accomplishments.

Unless they’re unvaccinated, of course.

Beyond masks, unvaccinated guests will be punished with “social distancing,” combining multiple disproven pseudoscientific restrictions. Fox News acquired a copy of the COVID protocols, and they are unbelievably absurd.

Masking Guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds,” the email states [bold font in original email]. “Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while on the White House grounds.”

It’s hard to imagine a less justifiable set of policies than this. But it makes perfect sense coming from a COVID extremist administration that promoted Dr. Fauci and got every major policy question wrong.

Requiring masks and social distancing in June 2023 is ridiculous enough, given the evidence against them. But purposefully discriminating against the unvaccinated takes this nonsense to an entirely different level. Not even the most hardened COVID zealots still believe the vaccines have any efficacy against infection or transmission.

It’s even more absurd considering Biden ended the COVID emergency months ago. Yet, well after the overwhelming majority of Americans have moved on, they’re still engaging in pandemic theater.

Study after study has confirmed that the White House, Dr. Fauci and their political allies at the CDC were wrong. Masks don’t work, COVID vaccines don’t stop the spread, and social distancing was a completely inaccurate guess.

7 thoughts on “Starting tomorrow, masks and leper distancing are mandatory again at the White House if you’re UNVACCINATED”

  1. So, who is going to do something? Will the athletes and coaches go and follow protocol or, maybe some won’t.Maybe some will go and protest. We shall see.
    I do wonder if this is a litmus test to see how far people will comply after all this time…

  2. Now that every country has ceded authority to the WHO in the event of another pandemic, expect another pandemic.

  3. Test case. Let’s see if the puppets will still dance when I pull the strings.
    Nobody should attend. It should be common knowledge by now that these new diktats are completely arbitrary and pointless. Covid is barely a thing now, and certainly is not a thing we need to go back to prior maneuvers to try to avoid it. We didn’t realize we were being played then. Now we do.
    There are many good little boys and girls who will mask up and treat themselves and each other like dirty lepers. Oh look, goody, we get to go to the White House! But you’re demeaned as a human being by that White House, you’re treated like a filthy pleb at that White House, your human dignity is stolen publicly, at that White House. They are laughing at you, at that White House.
    Don’t GO! It’s inevitable people will go. There are just so many clueless people who have no idea at all what is at stake and how they are being manipulated.

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