Male cyclist beats all the girls by five minutes, cites “strategy”

By Madeline Leesman 

A biological male cyclist who identifies as a “transgender woman” won a women’s race in North Carolina over the weekend, beating the second-place finisher by five minutes.

Austin Killips, 27, won $5,000 after coming in first place at the 131-mile Belgian Waffle Ride in Hendersonville on Saturday, according to the New York Post. Killips reportedly “surged ahead” shortly after the start of the race.

After the race, Killips said in an interview that he was “really proud to lay it out there and get the result.”

“I asserted myself and was able to get a gap early,” he added.

4 thoughts on “Male cyclist beats all the girls by five minutes, cites “strategy””

  1. Women’s competitive sports are anti-feminine. I have read that the push in the early 20th century for girls to be in sports was a freemasonic plot to attack modesty in dress.
    I hope that men infiltrating women’s sports will inspire women and girls to abandon unfeminine pursuits.

  2. Great swathes of society are going along with this madness. Can no longer watch Jeopardy because Ken Jennings and crew, as well as the studio audience and other contestants are normalizing this madness by fawning over the men-posing-as-women contestants on the show.

    We now have men with breast implants prancing topless and bearded women exposing mastectomy scars on the White House lawn with Biden calling them the bravest people he ever met. Is this what the young men on the beaches of Normandy perished for?

    Some “Catholic” hospitals are performing mastectomies and castrations on healthy youth to advance the agenda.

    It is all so diabolical.

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