Whistleblower exposes hospital system performing genital sex change surgeries on children


Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare company with hospitals across the United States, issued a mandatory training course for all Kaiser employees in Southern California. The course covered topics on “gender-affirming care,” which included information on mastectomies, hysterectomies, vaginoplasties, and phalloplasties. Internal documents indicated that these procedures are allowed to be performed on minors. The training also offered tips for proper binding and tucking.

The presentation began with an introduction on The Platinum Rule: someone is the gender they say they are when they say they are regardless of their transition process. It also emphasized that gender-affirming surgeries or hormones are not necessary for one to transition. Essentially, Kaiser Medical is instructing its nurses to follow arbitrary guidelines rather than the science itself.

Slide from mandatory staff training

Nurses were also given information on which Kaiser hospitals perform gender-affirming surgeries and issue hormone therapy. Adolescents can get hysterectomies, orchiectomies and hormone therapy at all Kaiser locations. Genital and chest surgeries are offered at some of Kaiser’s medical centers across California and Hawaii.

Slide from mandatory staff training

The criteria for Mastectomies is minimal. Girls under the age of eighteen are eligible for the surgery, as long as they receive parental consent and one letter within twelve months. Hormone therapy is not required to undergo the procedure, but it is required for hysterectomies (removal of the uterus), and orchiectomies (removal of the testicles). Adolescents can also receive “gender-affirming” estrogen and testosterone therapy, which can affect fertility and sexual function, and might lead to health problems.

Slide from mandatory training
Slide from mandatory training
Boys under eighteen years old are eligible to receive vaginoplasties if they have parental consent and have been on hormones for at least one year. Girls can get phalloplasties under the same guidelines. Many medical organizations, such as the Endocrine Society, advise against genital surgeries for minors, due to the irreversible nature of the procedure. Kaiser Medical believes minors are capable of making life-altering decisions, contrary to the belief of many medical professionals…
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7 thoughts on “Whistleblower exposes hospital system performing genital sex change surgeries on children”

  1. I can think of more enjoyable ways of going to Hell than to have my body mutilated or mutilating someone else’s.

  2. How do people pay for these procedures? Do insurance companies and Medicaid cover these procedures since they are not medically necessary? Can we expect to see an overall increase in insurance premiums if companies are required to pay for these mutilations? What a waste of medical resources, not to mention violation of the 5th Commandment.

  3. Meanwhile, the Russian Duma just voted overwhelmingly to make any of this evil nonsense illegal in Russia.

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