Why did Target hire a satanist to design their sodomy trans pride clothing line?

Adding to its already serious woes, Target reportedly contracted with a self-identified gay, transgender, and Satanist individual named Erik to roll out new product lines via his clothing company in advance of “Pride Month.” One of the more provocative t-shirt designs includes the words: “Satan loves you and respects who you are; you’re important and valuable in this world and you deserve to treat yourself with love and respect. LGBT+ people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will, so fine. We’ll hang with Satan instead.” Though this particular shirt is not currently being sold by Target, it is part of Erik’s larger collection.

Other items in this collection are stickers exhorting “burn down the cis-tem,” and “join my gay cult,” a sweatshirt with the message “cure transphobia not trans people,” a tote bag proclaiming “too queer for here,” and a messenger pack asserting “we belong everywhere.” Erik acknowledged that these provocative designs have incited anger among those harboring transphobic views. He also revealed that Target had approached his company Abprallen for this unique collaboration. Target has been committed to celebrating Pride month and has released annual Pride collections since 2012, reinforcing its stand for inclusivity and diversity.

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6 thoughts on “Why did Target hire a satanist to design their sodomy trans pride clothing line?”

  1. Target’s been a bit ‘out there’ for some time. Earlier they started selling a line of underwear for girls called “No Boundaries.”

  2. They’re coming out of the closet. Satanic cultists have been running the world for a long time. I think the antichrist is someone called Maitreya. There is a satanic cult in the UN preparing for a one world government. He’ll probably make peace after a nuclear world war.

    1. I know what I am saying sounds insane, but I am not making up stuff or patterns like a schizophrenic. Just read this official and publically available website:


      They don’t ever hide their agenda. They publish it openly. It’s the same problem with linking to the Great Reset official website. They are telling you what they are doing, while making their paid journalists call it a conspiracy theory. Maybe they are just mocking the public, who they will chip with a digital id like mindless farm animals.

      Who is Lucis Trust? They are publishers in the heart of the UN and the source of much of New Age nonsense. It’s short for Lucifer’s Trust. They think Satan was the good guy and God is evil for preventing people from becoming gods.

      1. They publish their agenda openly because their goal is to condemn as many people as possible to perdition in hell – that’s what their dark master demands of them in exchange for money, power, influence, and other worldly “goods”. And perdition has to be accepted voluntarily – people need to know what they are signing for.

  3. Because Target is evil.

    I know, I’m a former Target “team member.”

    It really is that simple.

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