Video: Never forget the War on the Unvaccinated

They all had the same talking points, and it was war, because they admitted it was war. See if you can get all the way through this. It’s 11 minutes long, but it feels like an hour. And remember, there are tens of millions of people who backed up all of these lies, and still do, and still have no remorse.

9 thoughts on “Video: Never forget the War on the Unvaccinated”

  1. Someone pray for me please. I hate these people with all I am. I know I’m not supposed to. But I do. I can’t stand how I feel about all of this.

    1. I just said an Ave for you.

      Please be kind towards yourself and stop feeling bad about feeling rage for these people.

      They’re trying to kill you.

      If you wanted to hug them there would be something wrong with YOU.

    2. I understand, CM. I feel the same way. The way I overcome it is when I start feeling like that I say a Hail Mary for them. And tell myself I don’t hate them, I hate what they’re doing.
      I’ll pray for you. Please pray for me. I’m sure we’re not alone in how we feel.

  2. Hard to watch. I expect the cabal to do their worst against humanity, but my most unpleasant memories from the 2020 tyranny are from so-called friends and relatives who put their politics above personal relationships. In a way it was an extension of the 2016 election antics.

  3. I lost many friends during the plandemic who adopted the mindset of the people in this video. I forgive them (as we must) but I don’t forget and I will not be friends with them again because they can’t be trusted. I need to also point out that God sent me new, God-loving, God-fearing, common-sense friends to replace each one I lost to covidism and, I can actually say I have more real friends now than I did before 2020. Deo Gratias.

  4. I just saw a news report that there is a “shortage” of chemotherapy drugs. The report didn’t mention “why” except to imply that it’s a supply-chain issue. Maybe, and I’m just spit-balling here, but maybe there’s a shortage because cancer cases have exploded 300% since the vaccine came out?

    There is a British foul-mouthed comedienne, Janey Godley, who 2 years ago was part of the BBC/NHS effort to get the vax out. She mocked anti-vaxxers, got the vaccine herself. Last year she was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She went through treatment and as with most of these vax-induced cancers, it didn’t work. When your T-4 lymphocytes are destroyed, cancer will spread like wildfire. And it did. Her cancer is all over her body now, she realizes and accepts she’s going to die, but she hasn’t connected the dots yet. Maybe she can’t allow herself to do do.

    I am amazed that every day someone dies suddenly, some young person collapses and dies, a baby has a heart attack, and no one cares.

    We are living in the most evil time in world history.

    1. To acknowledge it, they would have to accept they were foolish.

      Also there are so many Christians who claim there is a devil, but then when you give clear evidence that most elites worship and work for the devil, they call you a conspiracy theorist, which means you’re insane for thinking some real things happen that doesn’t make the news.

  5. After 30+ years in IT, I suddenly find myself interested in agricultural pursuits. You know…the basics….

    Best spot to grow peas, carrots, cabbage. Can that bacon be flavorful? What ratio of lye and essential oils will differentiate my soap from others? Where did I put that garden gnome?

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