Video: Rare footage of Guardian Angel hard on the job!

I hope he went to Confession after this.

“Sully Police District – On May 1 around 11:38 a.m., a patrol officer was on a routine traffic stop with a gray 2012 BMW 750 Series on southbound Fairfax County Parkway prior to Braddock Rd. The 17-year-old driver of a black 2018 BMW M3 was traveling northbound on Fairfax County Parkway at a high rate of speed and lost control. The BMW spun around, crossed the median, striking the community member’s vehicle then officer’s vehicle. The officer was nearly struck and killed.”

One thought on “Video: Rare footage of Guardian Angel hard on the job!”

  1. If the officer had it to do over again, he’d probably jump over the railing and roll in the grass. Then he wouldn’t have been touched. I’m not Monday-morning quarterbacking here– my probable reaction would have been deer-in-headlights.

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