Gold medalist dies at 32, no one seems puzzled by it… totally normal

Posted at 5:21 AM, May 04, 2023

Tori Bowie, an American sprinter who won three medals at the 2016 Olympic Games, has died at the age of 32, her management agency announced Wednesday.

Icon Management did not state what caused her death.

The Associated Press reported that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida was asked to visit a home for a wellness check Tuesday for a “woman in her 30s who had not been seen or heard from in several days.” The AP added that deputies found Bowie dead in the home and did not suspect foul play.

Bowie was on the American team that won gold in 2016 in the 4×100-meter relay. She also earned a silver medal in the 100-meter and a bronze in the 200-meter.

She also earned two gold medals at the 2017 World Championships in London.

“We’ve lost a client, dear friend, daughter and sister. Tori was a champion…a beacon of light that shined so bright,” Icon Management said in a statement. “We’re truly heartbroken and our prayers are with the family, friends and everyone that loved her.”

3 thoughts on “Gold medalist dies at 32, no one seems puzzled by it… totally normal”

  1. I saw a comment on Twitter saying “people die suddenly all the time, we don’t know if it was because of the vax.” Before 2021, no one “died suddenly”. It is already too late. We’ve normalized sudden death, childhood heart attacks and stroke, turbo cancer that kills in hours (leukemia for example). Because the truth is so catastrophic, so psychologically unbearable, so truly apocalyptic, that the world is doing what it did when Covid 19 first came ’round: living in denial, and shuffling along to the ledge, pretending everything is fine.

    I’m coming back to this again, because this is very important. I’ve seen very smart people like RFK, Jr., and a bunch of good hearted doctors blame the wrong people for this, at least in the US. They will blame Pfizer and Joe Biden. Or Anthony Fauci. Well, all three have responsibility. But Pfizer leases its mRNA in its vaccines from Moderna, which is Bill Gates. Joe Biden mandated the vax after 70% of the American people voluntarily got the vax. He had nothing to do with getting the vax on the market. ANd Fauci, though he has a special place in hell, had nothing to do with the development and approval and distribution of the vaccine. He is definitely a ghoul, a cheerleader for the vax, and because of his recommendations has killed millions.

    But two people are directly responsible for the madness of the vaccine: Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Bill Gates started Moderna, he owns the mRNA killing millions. He has killed millions all over the world. And Donald Trump, who is one of the most cowardly men to ever be president, who came up with the program that waived all sane safety protocols and basically demanded authorization of the vax, Warp Speed.

    There is zero excuse for what Trump did, and had he not done anything, we’d be at least a year behind in this madness. Indeed, if he, in the middle of the hysteria had said no, the citizenry might have discovered that Covid 19 was a joke. And babies, yes babies, wouldn’t be having heart attacks. 12 year olds wouldn’t be stroking out on the soccer pitch. Millions wouldn’t be dying “suddenly”.

  2. What has happened to us reminds me of the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, but lacking the knowledge of whose planes dropped all the bombs, left all the smoking holes.

    We are, like the sailors and civilians after the attack, milling about like ants trying to bring order from the chaos and military grade destruction … but lacking the certainty of who we would one day hold responsible.

    We shake our collective fists at the sky, but no one can show with certainty who, what, where and why. Our leaders assure us we have every right to be sad, but no right to know what just happened, or even that anything did just happen and certainly no right to bring justice, or even to contend there is even an enemy responsible. Just … sadness – “it’s ok to be sad”.

    Lots of sadness, misdirected and useless anger. Precious little cathartic and restorative response.

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