TUESDAY, MAY 2 – Vigil of the Dedication

6:00pm – Ceremony of sealing of the relics followed by Matins of the Martyrs (in the SMAC auditorium)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 – Day of the Dedication

9:00am – Dedication ceremony and pontifical Mass (4.5 hours)

The four parts of the ceremony include:

  • Lustration and dedication of the building

  • Procession of the relics

  • Consecration of the church and its altars

  • First Mass on the newly consecrated altar

Immediately following the ceremony will be an open house for faithful to (respectfully and silently) walk through The Immaculata, view the details up close and pray at the side chapels.

All are welcome to a picnic style lunch served in an outdoor tent.

5:00pm – I Vespers of Dedication of a church (in The Immaculata)


Beginning of the regular Mass schedule at The Immaculata:

Week-Day Mass Schedule:

  • 5:45am – Low Mass

  • 7:15am – Low Mass

  • 11:15am – Low Mass

Saturday Mass Schedule:

  • 5:45am – Low Mass

  • 7:15am – Low Mass

  • 9:00am – Low Mass

Sunday Mass Schedule:

  • 6:30am – Low Mass

  • 8:30am – Sung Mass

  • 11:00am – Low Mass

  • 6:30pm – Low Mass

In addition to the new normal schedule at The Immaculata, we will also have on Thursday:

8:30am – Solemn High Mass offered by Fr. Rutledge for all out-of-town benefactors and guests, and for families and friends who were unable to attend the consecration ceremony.

5:00pm – II Vespers of Dedication and benediction