Ford loses $722MM on electric cars last quarter

DETROIT (AP) — Ford Motor Co. made $1.76 billion last quarter, swinging into the black from a $3.1 billion net loss for the same period a year ago.

Most of the profit came from Ford Blue, the company’s internal-combustion engine vehicle unit, which made $2.62 billion before taxes during the quarter. Ford Pro, the commercial vehicle unit, added $1.37 billion. But Model e, Ford’s electric vehicle unit, lost $722 million before taxes.

2 thoughts on “Ford loses $722MM on electric cars last quarter”

  1. Remember when GM was bailed out? Yeah, will happen here, too. In fact, since the printing press is in overdrive, they’ll bail out all the car companies to make sure we are forced to drive Electric Vehicles.

  2. I can never forget Ford sponsored that “art” of a crucifix in jar of urine. So I’m pleased thanks.

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