One thought on “Saint Athanasius, pray for us…”

  1. “Ecumenism is not the Church’s mission. The Church is not ecumenical, she is missionary. The goal of the missionary Church is to convert.” – Archbishop
    Marcel Lefebvre

    Convert to what? The one true Faith that can not, will not, ever change. The Faith was given to mankind by God directly. It is perfect because it was, is and will always be Divine. Change to God’s Deposit of Faith means, by definition, blasphemy, destruction. I want no part of this new ecumenical world-friendly NewMass ™️ thing. I want only that which will never change; that which will draw me into unity with St Athanasius and every Catholic across the ages – and that is what I am responsible to evangelize the world with.

    Ecumenism is not Christian.
    We are missionaries of Jesus Christ.

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