4 thoughts on “Looks like the signal has been sent to derail the cackle”

  1. Something’s up if the NYT is Tweeting this and there is an “investigation” into things at Biden’s house. Definitely stay confessed and know that Heaven is our true country and the only nation we should pledge allegiance to.

    1. What am I missing? What do you think is going to happen? I agree we should always stay confessed, but it seems like you’re saying more than that.

      1. Stay confessed always because tomorrow is not guaranteed. As for the rest of what I said, it’s now more than obvious that the U.S. is being run by forces off-stage. Those forces have gotten what they needed out of Biden and Harris and it looks to me like those two worthless characters are about to be removed. Fine with me but… who or what is going to replace them. That is a terrifying thought. As for the U.S., it has revealed itself to be the exact opposite of what we were all taught that it was. Our culture of hero-worshipping earthly politicians and celebrities has not been healthy but that’s what you get when a country is established on the principles of freemasonry instead of Catholicism. No Stars and Stripes for me, I’ll take the Sacred Heart of Jesus instead.

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