7 thoughts on “Did you know that now you can be cancelled for wrongthink for being related to someone who wrongthinks?”

  1. That’s completely ridiculous.

    Thankfully, AirBnB isn’t a monopoly, and there are plenty of perfectly fine, and cheaper, hotels and motels all throughout the civilized world to choose from, none of which have their own individual owner with their own rules and silly expectations.

  2. Now, if you scale this a bit further, imagine how much worse this would make things at Thanksgiving when your sheepier relatives know you’re the reason (lack of jab, wrongthink, etc.) they can’t board an airplane for their 6th vacation of the year.

  3. My friend just told me a similar story of someone who was not allowed to enter Citi Field, Mets Stadium in NY, (I believe that’s where it was) because they work for a lawfirm that Citi Field doesn’t approve of and was not personally involved in any litigation against Citi Field. The person being turned away was recognized with facial recognition software.

  4. What next? Will AirBuggery refuse to rent to Latin Mass Catholics next?

    If the liberal demoncrat Jewish SPLC and FBI have their way, maybe…

    Neither you nor Barnhardt made their naughty list… y’all need to work harder! But curiously… neither did ChurchMilitantTV.

    “The memo identifies nine Traditional Catholic organizations allegedly guilty of promoting RTC ideology: Catholic Family News, The Remnant, The Fatima Center, Tradition in Action, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Culture Wars, In the Spirit of Chartres, Christ or Chaos, and Catholic Apologetics International. These groups were all listed in the SPLC report.”

    1. Here’s more ammunition for those who want to get rid of the TLM. It promotes violence and hate they’ll say…

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