Septuagesimatide… Don’t waste it!

Septuagesimatide is such a blessing. Two and a half weeks to get ready for Lent. Two and a half weeks to orient your bearing, and time to form precision around your Lenten Promises. You should already know the subject matter of your promises for this year; now is the time to sharpen them, be specific, and commit.

The killing off of this short prepping season in the Novus Ordo was a criminal act. An act of war, even. How was it remotely a good idea to march right along in “Ordinary Time,” and then BOOM, Ash Wednesday is on top of you. It’s almost as if the criminals WANTED the laity to be unprepared. Who or what could possibly have been behind that?

As for me, I will still be blogging, but I will say that “the internet” is on my list of penances.  Way too much time wasted going down rabbit holes. I’ll be honing in on specifics of that over these 17 days.

Get yer preppin goin… and GET READY!

2 thoughts on “Septuagesimatide… Don’t waste it!”

  1. Yeah, those rabbit holes are a nasty Achilles heel. Between weather ballons, “Kermit the Hermit,” and checking the price of gold, there’s way too many stupid distractions. It’s time for good, clean, no-nonsense pennance.

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