What’s going on in Ireland?

Ireland sees 42% more deaths in past two months compared to pre-COVID levels

DUBLIN, Ireland (LifeSiteNews) — The number of deaths occurring in Ireland is now significantly higher than the number the country experienced both before and during the spread of COVID-19, prompting opposition politicians to call for a full investigation into the cause. 

Figures obtained on RIP.ie and analyzed by the mainstream Irish Examiner show deaths were 42% higher from 1 December 2022 to 25 January 2023 (9,718 deaths) compared to the 8 weeks to 25 January 2019 (6,802 deaths).

Deaths have risen 20% compared to the same period a year ago, while they are 19% higher than figures from that period two years ago when Ireland was entering another lockdown before Christmas 2020 and rolling out its vaccination program in early 2021. 

The leader of opposition party Aontú told Newstalk Breakfast the figures indicate “something very, very serious that is happening”. 

“The key point is this – and this is really, really important – the Government needs to investigate this very, very clearly, in a scientific fashion,” Deputy Peadar Tóibín said. “We need to get rid of the word ‘maybe’. When we see death rates 3,000 higher in a small six-week period than they were in a six-week period pre-COVID, we can’t have the Government standing idly by.” 

“When there was an elevated death rate in 2020, the government closed down the country. Here we have an elevated death rate and there are crickets coming from the government in terms of real scientific analysis,” he added. 

Tóibín, who obtained similarly startling figures from the Central Statistics Office last December showing Quarter 2 of 2022 had 39.2% more deaths than Q2 of 2021, pointed to the reduction in cancer screenings and hospital services during several COVID lockdowns as a possible cause of the spike in deaths…


10 thoughts on “What’s going on in Ireland?”

  1. Idk……fewer placebos? I do know that appealing to government to help figure it out is not a good option. Evil days.

    1. Asking the government to look into it is like appointing the number one suspect to investigate a homicide. Yes, they have the most information, but no, they won’t be objective or honest because they must protect their own interests.

      Anyone who blames it on a spike in cancer mortalities due to lack of access to early screening or treatment needs to back that up with cancer death stats. Otherwise, he is talking through his hat.

      Most people I know are in their fifties, and the ones I know who have been jabbed and rejabbed are chronically ill with “bugs” or viruses or “the crud” or the flu or something ALL the time. Older people seem to suffer from weakened immunity rather than the sudden death by coincidence that takes out young people. An honest scientist would look deeply into why age is such a factor and why the jabs affect people in different ways.

      Then again, did everyone get the same jab? What was actually going on?

      1. Everyone did not get the same jab, and politicians probably got saline or just lied.
        The website “how bad is my batch” can tell people exactly how bad their batches were.

  2. Kono’s right, they’re looking for answers in all the wrong places. Don’t wait for the perpetrators to figure it out!
    They’ll be standing around scratching their heads or something else, “baffled”. The dead deserve justice. The maimed deserve justice. The survivors deserve justice, and you need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Figure it out for them and hold people accountable.

  3. I wonder how long the people with above-average intelligences in the medical field(s) can last acting this stupid.

      1. I heard a sermon once where the priest said of the 10’s of thousands of pharmacies throughout the US only eight (I think) refused to fill contraception prescriptions.

  4. A 42% spike in deaths? Wonder what could’ve caused that? It couldn’t possibly be the Poison DeathJabs since we were all told they were safe!

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