Equity! Inclusion! Philly Recruiting Lifeguards Who Can’t Swim for $16/hour

Philly Is So Desperate for Lifeguards That It’s Recruiting People Who Can’t Swim

by https://www.phillymag.com/author/victor-fiorillo/

It may be the middle of winter now. But before you know it, Memorial Day will be here, the kids will get out of school, and they’ll need something to do all day other than get on your nerves. That’s where Philadelphia’s dozens of public pools come in. And what do you need if you have a public pool? Lifeguards, of course.

Thanks to COVID and budget cuts (that were thanks to COVID), we didn’t have public pools at all in 2020. Philadelphia opened some of its city pools in 2021 but had problems recruiting lifeguards. And the city encountered similar issues last year.

So for the 2023 pool season in Philadelphia, the city has started recruiting early. And if you can’t swim, you can still apply. That’s right. According to representatives of the city’s Parks & Recreation Department I spoke with, the city is actively recruiting lifeguard candidates who would sink like a stone if you threw them in the deep end today. The city will provide free swimming lessons at Lincoln High School in Mayfair to anybody who doesn’t know how to swim, assuming they are committed to testing into the lifeguard program this summer.

If you’re interested in a Philadelphia lifeguard gig, pay starts at $16 per hour and the schedule is generally 35 hours per week. Presumably, you get a free whistle. More info here on how to apply.


6 thoughts on “Equity! Inclusion! Philly Recruiting Lifeguards Who Can’t Swim for $16/hour”

  1. I know it’s a really over-used phrase but the inmates really are running the asylum. Not just in Philly but at the national level. Hiring lifeguards who can’t swim is about as absurd as it gets but really, when you have national, state and local policy makers who sincerely believe that boys can menstruate and girls can have an enlarged prostate, we’re in serious, serious trouble as a nation.

    Right now, the demonic, hate-mongering and atheist, tranny-obsessed, retards running the United States are picking a fight with a nation that is rapidly returning to it’s Christian (albeit Orthodox) roots and is not being run by people who think their military should be led by bitchy, 90lb lesbians of color and 400lb trannies who are constantly losing control of their bladder because of what they’ve done to themselves. Oh, and the nation the United States is picking a fight with is totally self-sufficient and just happens to have some pretty awesome, apocalyptic weapons. O.K. the U.S. has those weapons too but when push comes to shove, do you think Sha-nay-nee is going to outsmart Sergei?

    Stay confessed folks and don’t lose your Catholic Faith. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

  2. Why not? There are plenty of public school teachers and administrators who are marginally literate. Why not hire lifeguards who can not swim? Makes sense to me!

  3. In all fairness, I believe you still have to pass the testing process to become a lifeguard. Now, how rigorous that process is could be another question.

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