Will the real Damar Hamlin please stand up

  • Why the giant shades and mask?
  • Why the insane security upon arrival and transferal?
  • Why does security line up like a soccer wall to block view out of cart?
  • Why does security wall up again at elevator entrance, almost comically?
  • Why does family arrive separately?
  • Why is face never seen, even inside the suite?
  • Why does costume stay on inside the suite?
  • Why is the suite empty?
  • Why is there no interview?
  • Why do all these questions persist, two days later?

I have some ideas.


10 thoughts on “Will the real Damar Hamlin please stand up”

  1. I said he died on the field. And I think the feds were there along with all the lawyers to pay off the family (his full contract, plus other monies) and make them sign NDAs.

    IF Hamlin is alive, he’s got a good ole pacemaker installed and is bed. But I think he’s dead.

  2. Notice the actor flashing the illuminati symbols at the end of the video. The family was counting on millions coming in from his career, so it would be easy to pay them off.

  3. I have a feeling we are being played. All the things on your list are odd, Mark. No doubt about it. But I think he is recovering. Why they would present him like this is beyond me; maybe it’s a concerted effort to make people look bad who state publicly that this is a fraud.

  4. They’re trying to make it look like you can recover from the effects of the jab. You can’t, your goose is cooked. He’s either in bad shape or dead. That wasn’t him.

  5. I’m really on the fence on this. I asked a nurse friend. Her response was when shown the video:
    “He had on very loose fitting, baggy track suit very easy to conceal a small oxygen concentrator and was never seen without a mask also making it easy to conceal nasal prongs from view. Oxygen concentrators are very small now, and it is very likely he had on low flow oxygen via nasal prongs. He is only shown walking short distances. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also connected to a heart monitor which provides continuous ekg monitoring.”

    I honestly dont know…. both sides have really good points….

  6. My cousins and I were discussing this when the video surfaced. We were sold a bill of lies from the very beginning. Very, very few caught on to the first lie: that it wasn’t jab related. All of us knew that jabbed athletes have been dropping like flies all over the world, and it was only a matter of time when it happened here in prime time. The game was called as he was carted off the field…which makes no sense if he survived, because there have been plenty of near-death instances on the football field, and the game marched on. When it happened, we (as in my cousins) all agreed that the team and family were being paid off to keep the jab-related injury hush-hush.

    Personally, I think there is one of two possibilities: 1) this obviously isn’t Damar Hamlin, AND THEY KNOW WE KNOW. They are doing what Luciferian Freemasons do: flaunt their evil actions and DARE us to do something. 2) This is or isn’t Hamlin, but it doesn’t matter, because they are desperately trying to hide the fact that the NFL is on its last legs, first having embraced a political stance that its base opposed (kneeling for the anthem), and then shoving sodomy down our faces. The NFL is no a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Government, being used as a prong of the two-pronged “beer and football” assault on Americans to keep us pacified, fat, and stupid.

    That the Bills were paid off to keep silent, that his family was paid off to keep silent, that the press has been given marching orders is obvious.

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