10 thoughts on “What could be causing huge spike in excess non-covid deaths in the UK… now at 3000 excess deaths PER WEEK”

  1. Look at the latest from Project Veritas.


    That guy is having a complete mental breakdown. That’s over-the-top for one who knows they just lost their career.

    That behavior perfectly reasonable for one who suddenly know they are a dead man.

    The level of confusion he’s showing, I think he is scared out of his mind of his bosses at Pfizer (or somewhere else…). Makes me wonder what else he knows about them that isn’t public knowledge.

    1. 4 billion people vaxxed would be 180,000 a week, which is 9.36 million a year. Of course I think this year it’s going to go way, way beyond that since for most it will be 2 years since most people get vaxxed and Dr. Tenpenny and others have said 2 year give or take a few months is when your time is up.

      Macabre, but we have to prepare for a mass death event.

  2. I think the vaxx play a role.

    I’m also big on “Devil’s Advocate” or looking at 2 sides of a story. Some other possible explanations for the excess deaths are:

    – some actual covid; deaths rates have plunged as variants get lighter & the most vulnerable people died already; but there will still be a few excess covid deaths

    – among older people, “widower effect” where the death of one married person 1-2 years ago claims the life of their spouse later. i.e. now

    – among younger people, THE LOCKDOWNS left a trail of job losses, depression, drug addictions, gang fights etc.

    – the covid years 2020-21 delayed a lot of health checks on all sorts of problems, leaving some people worse off now, e.g. stage 3 cancer that might have been caught at stage 1

    – stress-related heart attacks – may be less hokey than it sounds; some people say it’s a known thing that after wars, after big disasters, etc. heart attacks will go up for a few years

    Could be “all of the above” including vaxx-specific myocarditis clots etc.

    And regardless. it needs looking-at.

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