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  1. Interesting. I listened to the whole thing. Eventually it hit me, it has a “We Are the World” from Michael Jackson feel to it. We’re not red or blue, but purple for all people. While I don’t doubt the injuries, the statistics or the evil behind it, we’re not going to get any solution from people in government or the medical/science community. The fact this video is being allowed to be shown should be a big red flag.

    My entire family is jabbed Mark, so I am trying to prepare spiritually for what may be a very difficult cross. And be ready to lead them to valid Sacraments should God answer my prayers for them.

    It’s time to get really real. Our elections are fake. Our government is evil. The VII Church and ALL it’s popes are fake; not Catholic. We must be about the business of saving our souls and the souls we’re responsible for.

  2. I get frustrated hearing the Covid mRNA injured say that they are not anti-vax and they support vaccines and science. If they only understood that all vaccines are harmful. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s 20 year campaign against vaccinations is finally getting the respect it deserves. In fact, she’s a speaker much in demand today.

    1. Starting a sentence with a disclaimer “I’m not antivaxx, but…” or “I’m not racist, but…” is a declaration recognizing that you’re in a cage and you will stay in your cage, which makes you even more stay in your cage. Stop doing it.

      If they say you’re an antivaxxer, racist, nazi, say “ok” and stay on point.

  3. I fear things are going to get really bad. For every sportsball star or celebrity who has “died suddenly” in the news, there are probably AT LEAST half a dozen to more than a dozen “normal” people who have also died suddenly, and they all leave behind parents, siblings, grandparents, children of their own, aunts and uncles.

    We’re in 2023 now. Myocarditis is fatal in about 50% of cases within 5 years. So, just sit back and wait for 2028.

    I think the powers that be are going to “fight to control the narrative” for the next few years. I’d be interested if the MSM actually starts to report on all these deaths, and points out the connection…

    There’s not much I can do about it, so I’m not going to make big deal out it. People voluntarily took a mystery-injection being pushed by both political parties which are filled with legit-war criminals, manufactured by companies that have no long-term data for their product and have complete legal immunity for said product, and it’s pushed by oligarchs who openly talk about depopulating the planet.

    I looked at all that, and said I’m taking it. Many other people out there had access to the same information, called me a conspiracy-theorist, and a plague rat, called for my imprisonment, and outright death, and they are now wondering when they’re going to “die suddenly.”

  4. What troubles me most is that there are billions of people who just don’t understand the gospel message. If you tell them that they are statistically unlikely to go to heaven, they just laugh. If you try to share the truth, they get offended. If you tell them that meek and mild Jesus was the one who brought up the concept of hell, they accuse you of just basing everything of off a kind of blind faith. They get offended when you even try to explain that based on the evidence, the idea that Jesus Christ rose from the dead is a coherent and consistent statement.

    There are billions of such people who took the clot shot.

    1. Yes, and that is why all of these people who so foolishly got jabbed need prayers. It is chilling to think about the amount of people who did this to themselves and their children, and the sad fact that many if not most will meet their maker without being confessed.

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