Do you have a battleplan if your local TLM gets Custodianed?

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Alas, an antipope has no authority, and no jurisdiction. There will be many priests, seminarians, and lay faithful who are going to learn this the hard way, or not.

Below is from Dr. Robert Moynihan at Inside the Vatican:

Letter #23, 2023 Wednesday, January 18: “No secrets”

    I just received a fascinating letter, which I publish below.

    I took my distance a bit yesterday (see this link) from the “rumors” in Rome that Pope Francis (sic) may soon issue a new decree further restricting the celebration of the old Mass.

    Then, I received this letter.

    It begins: “As we both know, there are no real ‘secrets’ in Rome.”

    Then, essentially, the letter-writer tells me that the “rumor” does in fact contain a truth: that there is a draft Vatican document which would further restrict the celebration of the old Mass.

    The letter is from a priest who confided in me that “an archbishop in the States has seen this document.”

    The archbishop, he continues, “confirmed to a priest friend of mine (who is a person of true integrity and would not casually spread rumor), that it does indeed contain what some have guessed at — a further suppression of the TLM…”

    I replied to the letter-writer, confirmed his identity, and know that the letter is not a prank, but a serious communication.

    I regard it as credible. (If I did not, I would not publish it here.)

    The news is “second-hand” because it comes from another priest, who learned of this from an archbishop, but I am persuaded that the “chain of witness” is not so fragile as to discredit the report.

Read the letter HERE.

29 thoughts on “Do you have a battleplan if your local TLM gets Custodianed?”

  1. Most people don’t have access to the TLM. Most people don’t have the luxury of having priests come to their homes to say the TLM. Most must carry on by going to the NO mass, knowing the truth about Bergoglio, hoping for the return of the TLM all over, and knowing dogma. This is the reality for the entire world, not the very few or specially connected.

  2. Mark, do you no longer agree that sede clergy have valid consecration/ordinations? Maybe your readers could also avail themselves to a sede Church should they loose their TLM. And big, BIG bonus, sede priests don’t put antipope Francis’ name at the Te Igitur.

      1. Your “sus goings on”… such that it impacts the validity of their clergy?

        How about the SSPX? Ever do a deep dive into them? Or ever thought about how in the 2000 year history of the Church there has never been a parallel, not in full communion, entity which decides for the laity what is or is not safe for Cats to follow from The Church? I mean really, think about it. The SSPX has been at it for 50 years! You either believe in the Divine Protections Christ gave to St. Peter, or you don’t. Papal infallibility is destroyed every time a parallel, not in full communion entity sifts what comes from the VII Church.

  3. Sadly, when this happens, a LOT of FSSP and Diocesan TLM Catholics are going to fall into line and do as the antipope tells them. Pope Benedict’s clearly invalid resignation and his not-so-strange appearance of still looking like and acting like a pope, right up until his death – Fwwwancis is still the pope. Bergoglio’s open worship of the pacamammy demon inside the Vatican – You can’t say that Fwwwancis isn’t the pope because you just don’t know that. Daily heresies, denying of Catholic Teachings, Blasphemies against Our Lord and Our Lady – We must be obeeedient, Fwwancis is the pope and you can’t say he isn’t.

    The hell I can’t! The Divine Providence has made things crystal clear and I will not go crazy and lose my faith. It is a sin to knowingly follow an antipope.

  4. We have no battle plan, but know with 100% certainty what won’t happen, for us.
    Bergoglio has revealed himself to be an anti-pope, at the very least. We do not recognize his voice as the voice of our earthly shepherd, in fact, quite the opposite. He is to us, the Destroyer. God told us we would know His voice, we would recognize it, and if we can’t hear that echo in our pope, he has shown himself to be an antipope. Obligation over. We are given a Catholic sense of discernment for a reason, not to sit in mothballs while we cede what we know to be true. We were told in scripture that “if anyone comes preaching a different Gospel than the one I have preached to you, let him be anathema”. What more do we need to know. Bergoglio seems far more an Antichrist than he ever did the pope. We can only follow what we know as a guide and what our hearts and minds tell us.
    Go back to Novus Ordo? Never. If there were not 1000 good reasons (there are) we would only need to face the resentment we would have after being treated this cruelly by the one man on earth who is supposed to show compassion for us, an earthly shepherd. He is nothing of the kind, he is a petty, vindictive, sick man.
    Underground Vetus Ordo, we’ll find it. If we don’t, SSPX. If we can have neither, Sunday will be a day of prayer and reflection, we’ll live our Catholic faith even more diligently, until He comes.

  5. The digital ID is being rolled out today in the Canadian province of Alberta under the guise of income support payments to fight inflation. Please pray for us. This is being done deceptively. I just created a basic account for myself and it is tied to my health records (or will be once I verify it, which I will not) and my bank account (which you know they will freeze if I cheer on a few truckers). There was text on the website tellinv me I may need this QR code to be able to travel with links to my covid test results (never was tested), my vaccine records (never took thd poison), and links to all similar information for my children. Danielle Smith is getting ghe Donald Trump treatment from the Canadian media, hut it is all a deception! They are all liars and murderers!!!

    1. I’m praying for all of you. Do not be deceived into eventually getting a chip or electronic tattoo. Most Christians were deceived by pharmakia and their pastors telling them it’s their Christian duty. You can bet theologians and apologists will tell you it’s okay.

  6. Go to Novus Ordo, unless the words of consecration change, in which case spiritual communion. I’m no 1958 sedevacantist.

    1. T, I can’t and won’t do that. Bergoglio is not the pope and he has no authority to restrict the Mass. When he does this and (most of) our shepherds fall into line, I will continue to attend The Mass of the Saints whether it’s SSPX or in a private chapel with underground priest(s). If I can’t get The Mass, I’ll go out of my way to a Divine Liturgy. The novus ordo is (for now) valid but it is illicit and nothing good has come of it. Bergoglio’s game plan is to introduce a mandatory, invalid consecration in the novus ordo and when (not if) that happens, there is no point in going because at that point, the antichurch will without question, have fully manifested.

      Do what you have to do Oh Lord, just make this evil stop!

      1. I just ordered a Latin missal, since my thought is that most prayers will change and the underground priests will need it. I suppose my game plan is to gather old bibles and prayer books. As long as the Eucharistic body of the Lord is still available I will take advantage of it. But the minute He’s gone, I’m outta there, unless confession has not been mercified yet.

        1. Yes- plus catechisms for all ages, spiritual classics and classics of Western Civ.
          Not just literature, but art and music as well.

      2. Glad you have the opportunity, money, and time to go to a TLM. 99 percent of Catholics don’t. The NO is valid and what everyone who goes ot a NO should do is pray for the adoption of the old mass. Fight from within, not from outside.

        IF Francis tries to eliminate the TLM entirely, which I actually believe will be impossible, but if he does, then the NO will be invalid.

        But for now if you can only go to a NO, there isn o problem with it. And God is in control and knows what to do.

    2. I tried once on a holy day when my SSPX priest was unable to travel to our mission. I ran out screaming internally at the sermon because it was so unbearable!

  7. I know a priest who does TLMs at homes now. But attendance would be limited of course. However, if my diocesan TLM is stolen from us, there is a Society Chapel not far away and I will attend there in a heartbeat.

  8. I’m curious – I keep hearing, from Miss B and others, that the synod end will bring a change in the consecration wording thus invalidating the NO.

    Why do folks say this? What info do they have on this?


    1. It’s speculation, but a very logical endgame for the satanists. I’m hard pressed to think of anything worse.

      1. Well, Bergoglio has changed the wording and interpretation of many things. He slipped in Pachamama consecration in his “consecraton” to Mary a year ago.

        The problem for the Satanists is that it’s not the end for them. It’s the beginning of their end. If that happeens the Church will obviously be underground. It will be a very confusing time, but those in Good faith who stick to true Catholic dogma will be saved.

      2. That will be the real test to separate the shepherds from the wolves. Even the worst educated priests should have the intelligence to know when the words of consecration are no longer words of consecration. Will those priests defy the antipope and keep saying valid consecrations? Will those priests keep on doing so when the Karens and Kevins in their parishes complain to their bishop? Will the priests keep on doing so when their bishops tell them to stop it or else? Time will tell. Pray for the priest in the meantime – they need it more than us lay folk and even begin to imagine.

        1. There may be a time when there are no more priests. Imagine. But we have the Word, we have the dogma. We know right, we know wrong. This year is going to be the worse year- so far- in human history.

      3. St. Paul says that if we or an angel of light should preach a different gospel ….changing the consecration would be too obvious I would think. Better to get out of the NO now then scramble later.

        1. Some sedevacantists think that saying the words in vernacular languages means the NO mass is the abomination of desolation. So I don’t think it is so obvious. Probably most of the words will be kept but some terms will be added to change what exactly the priest is signifying.

    2. Everything seems consistent with the hypothesis we are in the end times. The event that kicks of the Great Tribulation is the abomination of desolation in the temple of God. Daniel tells us the abomination of desolation has something to do with the daily sacrifice. Private revelation warns us that the false prophet will replace the mass with a false mass. If what we are living through is the Great Apostasy, then the false prophet and antichrist are here, hidden if not public yet.

      Read the book “The Book of Destiny” by Fr. Kramer.

      1. The Apocalypse and Daniel both speak of periods of approx. 3.5 years (1260 days in Apoc., 1290 days in Daniel). 1260 days from the death of Pope Benedict is Saturday 13 June 2026, which happens to be the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the new rite that year. More significantly, it is the anniversary of our Lord’s instruction to Sister Lucia in 1929 to request the consecration of Russia to his Mother’s Immaculate Heart, including the warning about the King of France. It is also the anniversary of the second Fatima apparition, on which our Lady spoke of establishing devotion to her Immaculate Heart.
        1290 days after Pope Benedict’s death will be 13 July 2026, the anniversary of the revelation of the Secrets of Fatima.

        If we take 13 June 2026 as a starting point for the next 3.5, then 1260 days later would be the last Sunday after Pentecost (old rite) or Christ the King (new rite) on November 25, 2029. This would be the last Sunday of the 2029 liturgical year, 100 years after the consecration request.
        1290 days after 13 June 2026 takes us to Christmas, December 25, 2029, possibly exactly 2030 years since our Lord’s birth.

        I think the 1260 days followed by 1290 days are most likely. Daniel also speaks of 2300 days in which the sanctuary will be trodden down. If one assumes that this is more likely to occur up to the end of the 7 year period ending on Christmas 2029, this would put the start of this period at September 8 of this year (2023), the feast of our Lady’s birth. We know that the forces of evil love to desecrate days dedicated to our Lady (just think of the documents that have come out on her feast days, or the scandalous light show on the Immaculate Conception), so it would be unsurprising if a blasphemous document is issued on her Nativity.

      2. Just yesterday I received my copy of “The Book of Destiny” by Fr. Kramer and finished reading the introduction.

        Looking forward to digging into the 519 pages of light reading 😉

        Pleased to see the 1956 Imprimatur.

        Thank you for the recommendation.

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