Video: The closing of Benedict’s coffin last night followed the solemn ritual for popes

14 thoughts on “Video: The closing of Benedict’s coffin last night followed the solemn ritual for popes”

  1. This is proof for any Catholic that Pope Benedict was the ONLY pope for the last ten years. This is proof that Antipope Bergoglio was a vile and traitorous usurper and that NOTHING he has done for the last ten years is valid and that everything in his anti-pontificate should be ignored and undone.

    You can only have one pope, and that one pope was held prisoner by the globalist cabal for the last ten years.

    Any Catholic in the traditional and conservative Catholic media who says “Pope Francis” is legitimate is a liar, and a smart Catholic will research his background. Linked-in is a very useful resource: Is it suspicious that this Protestant suddenly converted to Catholicism? Is it strange that once he converted, he suddenly had the capital to set up many Catholic media companies and publications? Is it a coincidence that this Catholic convert lived in the DC area for a while once he graduated from college? Could the same organizations that forced Pope Benedict out have set up these Protestant converts to pretend to be traditional Catholics and to influence Catholics to not question this leftist antipope as to his legitimacy once they put into plan to install him?

    1. Can you give another hint who might this be? TBH, I was part of a wave of converts in the late JPII era.
      We are likely just honestly confused about a lot of things since we only frequent NO churches.

      I do think it wise to be a little cautious about “professional Catholics”.

      1. Taylor Marshall, Eric Sammons, and Michael Voris. It is strange they are all converts and immediately got enormous sums of capital to set up media organizations. And they all insist that Antipope Francis is a legitimate pope. I think we Catholics should also be very cautious about the Calvinist influenced “covenant theology” of Scott Hahn and his followers.

        1. I’ve never heard of Eric Sammons. The other two and the third one you mention at the end of the sentence, I avoid the completely. They are grifters. It is spiritually dangerous for Catholics to follow lay Catholic celebrities. Your time and money are better spent at Mass, in a good traditional environment and/or with a holy religious order like the Carmelites.

        2. Scott Hahn’s son is a new priest in my church (Steubenville diocese). He’s….different. Nothing objectionable yet, but idk….he’s odd. And of course I don’t trust anyone.

          Course, Ann Barnhardt is a convert. I have had my issues with Barnhardt, but I think he’s extremely intelligent and right on the major stuff.

        3. Didn’t Voris get his funding from this Opus Day guy? His name begins withe “B”. Marshall get pushed up in the suggestion list by YouTube. Immediately suspicious. I did not now Sammons was in with that crew.

          Hahn, Jeff Cavins and Marus Grodi, the EWTN crew are all friends . Not trads. EWTN and Catholic Register crowd. I still listen with one ear. However my coming into the church was a pretty odd trip that didn’t really fit with what they were preaching, Cavins preaches Christian Zionism for Catholics. I think everyone drags their own baggage into the church; maybe not on purpose Some trads go for Kabala. and weird occult stuff.

        4. They seem to claim that someone can formally teach heresy but not be an ontological heretic, because no one is a heretic until the Church declares he is a heretic. But this is confusing because it means a heretic isn’t automatically excommunicated and can hold office and destroy the Church until the cardinals speak up. How are we to avoid heretics if we need to be more than morally certain that’s exactly what they are?

          This is like skepticism in philosophy. How can we be absolutely sure we are not brains in a vat? The answer is we don’t need to be absolutely sure to be justifies in believing something. Only God can be absolutely sure of contingent truth, but we can still be morally certain of things.

    1. Everybody is assuming that this is not eschatological. But I see signs outside the Church that we very well could be in the end times. I feel like everyone is going to just ignore CBDCs and the coming cashless society and how it may fit into the mark of the beast until some media pundit starts brings it up. Even Russia is in on this, the supposed good guys standing against the satanic NWO.

  2. I don’t know how much more clear the Divine Providence (God Himself) can make it? The fact that ten years ago, there “weren’t any black cassocks in Rome” to fit an average-sized man like Benedict XVI, and still weren’t as of last week. The papal ring. The apostolic blessings. The fact that Bergoglio had his cardinals blessed by Benedict XVI. And now this.

    I don’t know whether its stubbornness or a level of pride where people can’t/won’t admit they were wrong. Whatever the case, anyone who still thinks that Benedict XVI wasn’t still the holy father after his embarrassingly invalid “resignation” is going to have a very hard time with their Catholic Faith going forward.

    Oh and let’s not forget about that little pacamammy bitch demon thing. Yeah… The Divine Providence would totally allow a validly elected, Catholic pope to do such a thing.

    Wake up people.

    1. “I see the Holy Father in great anguish. He lives in a different building than they did before and receives only a limited number of close friends.

      I fear that the Holy Father will suffer many more trials before he dies. I see the false church of darkness thriving, and I see the tremendous impact it has on people.

      The Holy Father and the Church are really in such great trouble that we should pray to God day and night.”

      – Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich

  3. Talk about confusion! If Pope Benedict has on his casket that he was pope from 2005-2022, and teh Francis’ casket has 2013-202?, some archaeologist in half a millennium will have quite a head scratcher on his hands.

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