Information obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals the CDC identified hundreds of safety signals for the deathvaxx

CDC Finds Hundreds of Safety Signals for Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines

01/03/23 By The Epoch Times Zachary Stieber

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified hundreds of safety signals for the two most widely administered COVID-19 vaccines, according to monitoring results obtained by The Epoch Times.

Bell’s palsy, blood clotting and death were among the signals flagged through analysis of adverse event reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The CDC, which runs VAERS with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), describes it as “the nation’s early warning system” for vaccine issues.

The CDC’s primary analysis compared the reports made for specific events suffered after receipt of a Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to the reports lodged following vaccination with any other vaccine, or all non-COVID-19 vaccines.

The type of analysis is known as proportional reporting ratio (PRR).

Safety signals mean a condition may be linked to a vaccine. Signals require further analysis to confirm a possible link.

The CDC analysis was conducted on adverse events reported from Dec. 14, 2020 to July 29, 2022.

The Epoch Times obtained the results through a Freedom of Information Act request after the CDC refused to make the results public.

VAERS is a passive reporting system that accepts reports from anybody, but most are lodged by healthcare professionals, who were told during the pandemic they were required to lodge reports if post-vaccination issues cropped up.

People who lodge false reports face penalties…

The CDC and FDA said in operating procedure documents that officials would monitor VAERS to identify “potential new safety concerns for COVID-19 vaccines,” with the CDC performing PRR analysis.

The CDC has issued multiple false statements on the data mining, but ultimately acknowledged it did not start performing the monitoring technique until 2022 — more than one year after the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were authorized.

PRR involves comparing the incidence of a specific adverse event after a specific vaccine to the incidence after all other vaccines.

A signal is triggered when three thresholds are met, according to the CDC: a PRR of at least two, a chi-squared statistic of at least four and three or more cases of the event following receipt of the vaccine being analyzed. Chi-squared tests are a form of statistical analysis used to examine data.

The results obtained by The Epoch Times show that there are hundreds of adverse events (AEs) that meet the definition, including serious conditions such as blood clotting in the lungs, intermenstrual bleeding, a lack of oxygen to the heart and even death. The high numbers, particularly the chi-squared figures, concerned experts.

For many of the events, “the chi-squared is so high that, from a Bayesian perspective, the probability that the true rate of the AE of the COVID-19 vaccines is not higher than that of the non-COVID-19 vaccines is essentially zero,” Norman Fenton, a professor of risk management at Queen Mary University in London, told The Epoch Times in an email after running the numbers through a Bayesian model that provides probabilities based on available information…

See all the numbers HERE.

5 thoughts on “Information obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals the CDC identified hundreds of safety signals for the deathvaxx”

  1. RFK, JR has revealed also that the CDC knew that you had a 500% chance of dying from a heart attack if you’re vaxxed than if you’re non-vaxxed. That’s because the vaccine destroys your heart, weakens it.

    All season in the NFL I have noticed that players are getting injured far more than they used to. In my opinion that’s because of the lipid nanoparticles used in the vax. They have a positive charge. The particles get into your cells- all of them- and that disrupts the negative charge of the cell, the charge ordained by God. As a result your cells work like a car with water in the tank at best, until it breaks down, ruined.

    There are thousands of ways this vax will kill you. And just one is all it takes.

    1. That particular theory is nonsense, since – as God ordained – all cells churn chaotically at all times with millions of charges both positive and negative.

      The vaxx injure some people – repeat SOME – who get a dose that, for various unlucky reasons, distribute the mRNA (spike protein) and LPN far outside the injection site, causing blood vessel damage or other inflammatory reactions that are supposed to happen only at the injection site, in other tissues.

      Which is indeed a problem. I came here actually to say whoa, why haven’t these vaxx been pulled from the market?

      But then your comment floored me in the other direction – getting a little too wack.

      1. Jeff,

        All cells in the body have a negative charge. Disrupting the homeostasis of the cell affects its performance. Lipid nanos don’t leave the cell. Drs Bhakdi, Yeadon, McCullough are on my side on this.

        The vax will injure everyone. Altering your DNA to make your cells produce a Covid 19 spike can only cause harm. Your cells in your blood and vessels are smooth, round. The spikes stir platelets, cause clotting. The spikes tear up your organs. The spike cause a massive immune response because respiratory viruses live in your lungs, sinuses. Not your organs. I don’t say this, basic immunology, virology, and cell physics say this.

        The vax will always travel out of the injection site. Why? Lymphnodes. In fact, it’s been revealed that about 25 percent stays in the injection site. Btw, how can an injection for a respiratory virus help you sitting in your shoulder? Is that “wack”? ANyway, the lymphnodes carry the vax all over your body, into your blood stream and then into all your organs.

        Drs. Bhakdi and Burkhardt in Germany examined pathology reports of sudden death victims. In all cases, they died from auto-immune attacks on the heart (myocarditis, heart attacks, etc, etc). 1/2 died after just having one shot. It should be noted that Biontech , a German company, is partners with Pfizer on the vax. Germany is the biggest state contributor to the WHO. The largest private donor is Bill Gates. Make of that what you will.

        1500 athletes have had cardiac arrest over the past year. 1000 have died. Usually it’s 29 that have cardiac arrest. – Dr. Peter McCullough.

        Finally, we’ll go with recent developments in my life. My friend Brent got one shot of Moderna in Spring 2021. He is almost dead now from dementia that eveyrone now agrees was from the vax. He was fit and healthy. The spike protein got in his brain. A man I used to work with got the vax, suddenly developed stage 4 lung cancer. Dead in 3 weeks. Dr. Ryan Cole has demonstrated that the vax destroys your T4 cells, which guard against cancer.

        Just today we went to get hay from a farmer we know. We haven’t seen him in 6 week. His son told us that he has a sicknes doctors are “baffled” by, can’t explain. He cannot get out of bed. He got the vax in March of 2021.

        You can deny reality all you want, Jeff. And you can perhaps think I’m full of it. But I know as much about this any any layperson possibly can. And I’m telling you, in 2 years, give or take a few months, people that got vaxxed will die from it. And anyone who got this vax, even if they live beyond 2 years, has significantly shortened his/her life.

        1. Slight correction: the inside of the cell, where the lipid nano particle goes with the mRNA (which by the way also has the HIV strain in it) is negatively charged. The surface/outside is positive.

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