Damar Hamlin needs prayers, most of all for his Particular Judgment

We should pray for his recovery so that he may, at minimum, express true contrition and be absolved from whatever he needs to be absolved from. Maybe our Lord is assisting him with that right now. Our Lord is the creator and master of every neuron and synapse, as much as he is for every galaxy. Pray for Damar’s soul first, his mortal recovery second.

I watched the whole thing in real time last night, including the first nine minutes of defib and CPR. The game should have been called the very second they finally exfilled him, but the league office, which must be full of psychopaths, waited over an hour. It was obvious to any normal person, and I was chatting to a few people as this was happening, any normal person knew it should have been called immediately.

No idea if this was vaxx related. But the other think that came to mind as this was unfolding, how the hell does the NFL and every other league not have a standing protocol on “collapsed suddenly?” We’ve seen hundreds of athletes collapse/die suddenly on the field since the deathvaxx rollout, and top brass hasn’t spent five minutes on writing out a step by step protocol?

Well, another former pro died yesterday, a mandate Nazi who wanted to put the unvaxxed in prison:

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    1. …that’s a bit of an exaggeration, doncha think? I personally would put “contraception”, “divorce”, “sodomy”, “usury”, and “apostasy” ahead of “sportsball” on the list of Things Currently Destroying the West.

      My personal opinion is that it is not the presence of sportsball or vidya or the boob tube that’s the problem, it’s the absence of God, Family, and the primacy of Virtue. All things that are, are good; including sportsball.

      1. Sportsball is racist antiwhitism and the religion of those who oppose Christianity. The rest all flows from it. NFL is used to push the gay and all other agendas; its a black mass.

  1. That has happened a number of times. A person tweets the unvaxxed should be punished, dealt with, fined, jailed, denied hospital treatment (like we do with drug addicts, etc.) and then, they die suddenly.

  2. Hopefully Damar Hamlin makes a full recovery. With God all things are possible, and we hope it happens.
    We need people to start asking their doctors for a check of their troponin levels and a d-dimer test, if they have had the vax. It is time for media to start asking questions rather than be part of the cover-up. Time for people to look at the stats that show a Vietnam event has happened for people, mostly men, aged 18 to 49. Look at Ed Dowd, a guy who knows research and statistics, and what he is saying. The cover-up must end.

    1. Agreed, Kate. Do you think those two tests will help? I keep thinking that there must be something people should be looking for. I have an unvaxxed daughter who is getting married to a vaxxed man this year. I have to be careful how I say things to her, but maybe I can suggest these tests? I don’t know. Please pray for me because I love this man, but my anxiety is sky high over this situation.

      1. Troponin would be effective, IMO to test as well as D dimer. Troponin is commonly tested with heart attack but everyone vaxxed apparently has elevated troponin in their blood, indicating heart damage. Doesn’t matter how many doses. One or three, it’s all the same. That spike protein never stops.

        We’ve seen so many high profile deaths in the last few months. I expect a big uptick this year.

        Pray, pray, and pray some more. Pray special intentions for those afflicted, including Damar Hamlin. Claiming causes other than the vaccine is ridiculous but also expected at this point.

  3. Yes, it was vaccine related. I played football. The game is violent. That’s why we wear pads. No one ever got a heart attack from a blow to the chest in the NFL. What they’re saying is he experienced “commotio cordis”, which is sudden heart stoppage due to blunt force trauma. Not only does it almost never happen, but it only happens in sports with blunt objects like baseball and cricket, and boxing.

    The hit was a normal, routine hit. The only way this could’ve caused cardiac arrest is if his heart was already weak and diseased. Which is what the vaccine does.

    95% of NFL players are vaxxed. In the fall of 2021 this guy was a rookie. He wasn’t going to jeopardize his career by not getting vaxxed. NFL players are poked, prodded, examined constantly for health issue. They are investments , expensive investments, by teams. The one thing that everyone agreed on was the need to vaccinate everyone with an experimental mRNA shot, shots that never worked in the past, that has 1300 side effects, including cardiac arrest.

    He will never play football again, and my guess is he won’t live much longer. Doctors in the know about this poison say you live about 2 years from injection. But everyone is in cover up mode. And eventually they’ll be doing outright gas-lighting even as no one can deny the piles of dead bodies.

    B16 is dead. And if he was the katechon, things are going to get unbelievably worse. 2023 is going to be the worst year in human history. We are under demonic oppression, thanks to Bergoglio, and I have no idea when or how it will end.

    1. I just assumed NFL players were injected with saline, not the mRNA garbage. If such high profile idols start collapsing, it will be hard to keep gas lighting everyone.

      Am I alone in believing most of the elite and famous were given saline during their public jabs? Politicians, celebrities, and other pro-jabbers were probably administered saline while hoi polloi had to get the garbage. Or am I being a conspiracy theorist?

      1. NFL players really aren’t elite. They’re rich, yes, but they’re not important enough to get saline. Look at Gavin Newsome, the idiot governor from California. He got the vax, was out for 2 weeks with a vax injury.

        The “elite” are very, very small club. WIndswept-House small. I think a good place to start is to see how many of the “elite” are part of the World Economic Forum. That’s a guarantee they got saline.

        1. I thought they were given saline, not because of their elite status, but because of their visibility. Given the fact that it’s taken two years for one of these to happen on the field, it’s not unreasonable to suspect they were initially given placebo while they were pushing “safe & effective” on the masses.

          Also, the near-instantaneous universal acceptance of the commotio cordis diagnosis by all of the blue- check shills suggests the powers knew this was coming and had their cover story in the can and ready to go well in advance.

    2. “Doctors in the know about this poison say you live about 2 years from injection. ”

      Curious how they know this, as the vaccines were only put into use slightly more than two years ago here, after a very truncated test period. Have all the test subjects died?
      Not saying they might not be right, but this seems like an overreach.

      1. Everyone’s body is different, so some may live 2 years, others 4 years…but every single person injected is either going to die of heart damage, blood clots or cancer at some point. Every person vaccinated is walking around with elevated troponin that may or may not be detectable by blood test.

        With every injection it makes one more likely to have such an event, but even a “little bit” of poison is still poison.

      2. mRNA has been around for over 30 years. It killed every test subject in trials. It took a “pandemic” and stupid people like Trump to approve the for use in vaccine. Everyone who gets the shot gets myocarditis. Every. One. Myocarditis kills most in 5 years. Docs know heart attacks are 500% more lethal if you’re vaxxed. Docs also know that the Covid 19 shot destroys your immune system. Causes strokes. And that it causes rapid cancers. Luc Montagnier, the guy who discovered aids, Dr. Carrie Madej, many others have said it will take 2 years. And idk if you’ve been paying attention, but the bodies are dropping like snowflakes now.

        Rule of thumb. If you’ve been vaxxed and boosted take 6 months off and on your first vaccination 2 year anniversary. That’s when you’re going to die.

        THis is real. It’s not pretty. And if you’re not spiritually prepared, it will drive you insane.

  4. There’s never going to be a “collapsed suddenly” protocol put in place because that would imply that there is a “collapsed suddenly” problem happening…

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