11 thoughts on “House finally elects McCarthy as Speaker, promises to unswamp DC”

  1. It’s a one-party, freemasonic government that we have. The democraps are the true party, masquerading under the the word democrat. The republicans are the absolutely pathetic, controlled opposition party. Seriously, at this point, I don’t understand how anyone can stand to be registered as a republican. I used to be one but I don’t like to lose and saw the phoniness of the whole thing many years ago. If you’re registered as a republican, don’t be surprised at all if you wind up on a list who can’t travel, buy this/that, etc. And, it will be the controlled-opposition republican leadership who gave your information to the state to make that happen.

    No surprise that all that McCarthy is the speaker. He will now give the democraps every single thing they want.

    Until the American people accept Christ as their King, this country will only get progressively (pun intended) worse.

  2. Oh, and Donald Trump endorsed this guy. I hope and pray the electorate will finally understand that Donald Trump was controlled opposition/kayfabe heel .

  3. The Swamp is too deep and full of creatures, creatures who were paid for long ago or more recently, creatures who couldn’t care less about American or Americans, who are far more interested in their own bank accounts, who have no use for the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Creatures who will be silent that Ashli Babb itt’s mother, was just arrested in Washington on, of course, January 6. Just a coincidence, mind. Oh, a bone will be thrown here and there, but it appears America as we knew it is dead and Stalin was right, it’s not the number of votes that count, it’s who counts the votes. Only Jesus Christ can help us now. We had some possible heroes, but they’re gone.

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