19 thoughts on “Tyranny: Who could have seen this coming?”

  1. What we’re seeing now is the emergence of the freemasonic NWO dictatorship that has always been there. If you still believe in this republican v/s democrat v/s the occasional libertarian, you really need to wake up. This is and always has been a freemasonic country. All of the “democrat” and “republican” stuff has been theatre to distract you while the powers that be have been prepping for things like covidism and the declaration of war that happened Thursday night in front of a blood-red “independence hall.” Donald Trump is not our savior – wake the F up. He’s part of the game. Christ the King is our only hope for salvation. Stop praying for the United States – it is a colossal waste of time. Get YOUR personal house in order and PRAY for the salvation of YOUR SOUL and those you love and care about. If anyone reading this thinks I’m nuts, please reply back with passages from the Bible or (approved) apparitions that even so much as hint to the United States in the present or end times.

    1. I think that patriotism is okay. And praying for leaders is okay too. St. Joan of Arc fought for her king even though he kind of a dissolute weakling. However she also emphasized absolute virtue with her troops. That is what is sorely lacking now. So we look to secular leaders to save us. I happen to think Trump is our president. But to put him on a pedestal is foolish.

    2. The two party system is just a means to divide and conquer, and as Our Lord said, a kingdom divided against itself shall fall. Trump/Republicans and Biden/Democrats are simply two sides of the same coin that is being used, successfully I might add, to divide and conquer this nation. I disagree that we should stop praying for the United States, as that is an act of charity for our neighbors , but certainly we must be aware and prepare our own souls for what is to come.

      1. I agree. Save your soul, point your children’s souls in the right direction, and detach properly from loved ones and things of this world. This crap can’t carry on much longer without war or divine intervention. The US is not mentioned in prophecy for a reason.

      1. To Cynthia. I totally agree that the party system is a disaster. Basically our leaders are chosen by either two clubs or two factions of one clubs. Regular people have no part in it but they get us at each others throats. I think Trump may be a true outsider though judging by the response of officialdom. Jesse Ventura said he got a visit from intelligence after he was elected governor of Minnesota.

  2. James, I agree with much of what you’ve said. Nobody should be saying Trump is our savior, or thinking that electing him is the answer to all problems. But there is no conceivable “solution” to the nightmare that is our nation if he is not elected.
    Barring a direct divine intervention, not possible, no way, can’t happen. Driving to a poll center and dropping in a ballot for Trump does not mean you love everything about him and would marry him, it means you comprehend how exponentially necessary he is to any tiny chance of reclaiming what we had as a nation. I don’t understand people like you who definitely seem to be on the side of good, but denigrate and denounce the man in ways large and small. It is impossible to overstate this, without Trump, we are absolute toast. Why quibble. Why hedge. I’ve seen years of people publicly holding their nose while kind of supporting him. It’s got something to do with making sure we are part of the mob, but I’m no psychoanalyst. There is not another person who can do what he’s done or stand up to the treatment. God must sustain him. But people need to definitely wake up. That is for certain.

      1. This kind of thing is exactly what the enemies of Christ accused Him of…hanging out with undesirables.
        When Trump was a candidate he freely admitted he was in the elite crowd. He also said that they would never forgive him for turning on them.
        To suggest that a billionaire New York businessman have nothing to do with people in power because they are immoral, is naive. The Clintons themselves have demonstrated their hatred of Trump with, among other things, the Russia hoax.

        1. So Trump is like unto Christ? LOL, I simply posted a photo to remind us not to be too secure in Trump’s genuineness. Operation Warp Speed, anyone?

          1. You make an assumption that was clearly not meant.
            What you simply did was use a tactic that the Pharisees used on Christ and I noted it.
            Operation Warp Speed was already a “thing” that either Big Pharma or the government health agencies had coined. Trump simply used what they were pushing in various scenarios.

  3. I’d vote for Trump simply to watch the left fly into apopleptic rage and finally dropping mask (before putting on another one), so that many of the blind will finally see what’s what.
    It will be deadly, but also comical. That way, when they finally roast us and throw us to the lions, we’ll at least go out laughing.

  4. Trump gets a pass for “warp speed vaccine”? For allowing Pence to “hire” Fauci and team? For not building the promised wall? For not defunding PP?
    No. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is far more dangerous than a wolf clearly seen.
    Biden/Clintons/Obama/Bergoglio- wolves.
    Trump/Bushes/Pence/Ratzinger – wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Only the Social Reign of Christ the King via the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart can fix this GLOBAL problem.

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