Video: The “doctors” on the gender mutilation crusade are obviously diabolically obsessed/possessed.

6 thoughts on “Video: The “doctors” on the gender mutilation crusade are obviously diabolically obsessed/possessed.”

  1. Aside from a few isolated pockets of devout Catholic priests, monks, and nuns, the world right now is no different than thirty seconds after the Ascension in 33 AD.
    All of it is Missionary Territory.
    Viewing things like that helps to deal with the insanity (really demonic insanity) that has taken over.

    1. Well, to be fair, Christianity was still a novelty that nobody had ever heard of then, and therefore there was likely more openness to hearing and understanding it than there is today, where it is actively hated even when fully known and understood, or at best, is treated indifferently as a “been-there-done-that” doctrine that is no longer considered realistic to rehabilitate by many.

    2. No, we are worse than they were. Even back then people understood male and female were biologically determined, that basic reality existed and you could not change it by simple assertions otherwise.

  2. These, along with abortionists, are only doctors of evil. Money is their god. And there is =literally=hell to pay without repentance.

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