The Angry Protests of a Criminal Caught in the Act

Joe Biden to Half of America: Drop Dead, Fascists!


…Joe Biden was never legitimately elected, and he knows it. That’s why he’s so shrill, defensive, and angry — like a thief caught in the act. Beyond all the election night shenanigans documented by 2000 Mules and other journalistic inquiries, he knows about how state laws were changed or simply flouted to allow mail-in balloting, easy to fake.

He knows how a massive conspiracy of media outlets suppressed the facts about his son’s laptop, rife with proof of Biden family corruption. He knows — having read it in TIME magazine — how billionaires, local election officials, social media monopolies and most major media colluded to skew the 2020 vote.

And he knows that half the country realizes all this and scorns him. The participation trophy that is his senile marionette presidency is forever tarnished, will go into honest history books with an asterisk. And he hates us for realizing that, and daring to speak it.

Biden doesn’t actually govern, and knows that too. He is the rapidly spoiling meat puppet of an Oligarchy that conspired, so far successfully, to suppress the people’s will. To impose on them forced vaccines, pointless and health-destroying lockdowns, mass euthanasia by COVID in nursing homes, illegal open borders and a shameful surrender in Afghanistan.

To strip them of affordable energy. To deny them their constitutional right to legislate protection for unborn babies, or children rendered sexually confused by drag queen acts and pornographic indoctrination in their schools. To lavish their money on a pointless war in Ukraine, whose only apparent purpose is to kill and cripple Russians. To transfer the debt burden of Queer Theory graduates onto the backs of plumbers and cops.

Biden knows Americans don’t want these things, but his orders from The Top are to impose them on us for our own good. So he must demonize, criminalize, and finally terrorize the opposition…

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      1. Publius is the “nom de guerre” of the individuals who wrote/published the Federalist Papers that included Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Madison and a few others.

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