St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church, healer of schism and deposer of antipopes, pray for us

“Hell is full of good wishes and desires.”

“Many of those who are humiliated are not humble. Some react to humiliation with anger, others with patience, and others with freedom. The first are culpable, the next harmless, the last just.”

“If you concentrate hard on the state you are in, it would be suprising if you have time for anything else. ”

“What we love we shall grow to resemble.”

“A saint is not someone who never sins, but one who sins less and less frequently and gets up more and more quickly.”

“There is no greater misery than false joys.”

“The more I contemplate God, the more God looks on me. The more I pray to him, the more he thinks of me too.”

“Rest is in Him alone. Man knows no peace in the world; but he has no disturbance when he is with God.”

“To have a restful or peaceful life in God is good; to bear a life of pain in patience is better; but to have peace in the midst of pain is the best of all.”

6 thoughts on “St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church, healer of schism and deposer of antipopes, pray for us”

  1. “Universal Acceptance” is a recent argument I’ve heard supporting “(antipope) bergoglio is Pope.”
    That is probably the stupidest argument for anything I’ve ever heard. It ranks up there with the muhammedan argument: “The quran sounds beautiful, so it could only have come from God!”
    They would NEVER apply that universal acceptance argument to ANYTHING else! Or even apply it to the things bergoglio and the bishops and cardinals around him have done! Like pachamama fiasco or western-grandmother venerating. I don’t see any Bishops, here in America at least, telling people to start venerating pagan gods in their Churches because they accept that the “pope” has done it, and they should follow his example!
    “The Church cannot deceive or be deceived, so the fact that all the Bishops accept Francis as Pope means he is the Pope.” Goes the argument. Individual members of the Church can be, and have been, pretty darn good at deceiving people in its 2000 year history. The person who is Pope isn’t dependent on whether I or anyone else, Bishop or not, accepts him or not.
    I’ve had protestant heretics, who are so far off the track they have completely invalid baptismal ceremonies outright say to me: “What your Pope is doing with pachamama is wrong.” Even they see the seriousness of the issue.
    They don’t address the argument(s) made that Benedict invalidly resigned. It’s pretty pathetic. I want to tell them, “No one wants to admit they were conned, or they were had, or made a fool. Because it sucks, but it happens.” It’s like any scam, the longer you refuse to admit it’s a scam, the more money the scammer can take from you. The longer this antipope fiasco goes, the worst things will get…
    I’ve seen such things first-hand: People want to send money via money gram to their “fiance” who happens to live in Pakistan and they’ve never met in real life… For the third time this month. It is incredible the lengths people will go to to NOT admit they’ve been scammed. I’ve said to them as politely as I can things like, “I really think you should pause for a moment, and not send this money, once it’s picked up, there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to get it back…” And they get VICIOUS and threaten to call the cops. (Even had someone come back a day or so later, and BEG for help getting A LOT of their money back, only to be told, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”)
    I don’t think it’s going to be Cardinal Burke who ever “steps up” and says we have a problem with bergoglio and gets the ball moving on fixing this, even with him being closer the end of his life, he doesn’t have the guts. I don’t think any Bishop has the guts to do it. If a Bishop ever does, it’s going to be someone who is the Bishop of some diocese out in the boonies that no one has ever heard of.

    1. Many people react to the idea we may be in the end times by calling such talk “conspiracy theory” or asking why the bishops don’t mention a word about it. Fulton Sheen told us about the false prophet and the antichurch. Once the New World Order takes over everyone’s access to money and resources they’ll take the smiley face sticker off the sole of their boot as they, with sudden fury, stomp us in the face.

  2. Wonderful quotes Mark. Thank you. I pray that if I cannot become a Saint, that God grant me the gift of martyrdom, and the grace to persevere in a martyrs death.

  3. I’ve found the novena to St. Bernard of Clairvaux to be very friutful. I read he was kosher with St Hildegard running around telling all the priests they were on the way to hell if they didn’t stop sinning. You’ve got to love those old medieval fire and brimstone clergy! Another favourite is St. Bernardine of Siena.

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