“Why we should be concerned about Polio: Health officials say we should all be worried about this news.”

(WPVI) — It’s a virus that hasn’t made many headlines in years, but polio is now the subject of viral chatter after a confirmed case in New York state.

Health officials say we should all be worried about this news.

“Even one case of paralytic polio is a public health emergency,” says Dr. Adam Ratner from NYU Langone Health. “It’s conceivable that if you see one case that’s it’s one very unlucky person and there’s not community spread, but it’s much more likely there are hundreds and thousands of cases that gave us that one case of paralytic polio.”

Severe impacts of polio include meningitis and paralysis.

To date, there is no cure for the virus.

“Even in places where polio has been under control, we are still at risk if we don’t continue to vaccinate the population,” Dr. Ratner says.

“What we’re seeing now is evidence that we are still at risk, even though there hasn’t been polio in this country for many years.”

People who aren’t vaccinated against polio are being urged to do so immediately.

That’s leaving many people scrambling to find out if they’re protected…

9 thoughts on ““Why we should be concerned about Polio: Health officials say we should all be worried about this news.””

  1. Link to articles on Polio Vaccines that are ethical
    Children of God for Life give great vaccine info to help you screen polio vaccines!
    Murdered babies should never be used in Medicine
    Do your due diligence and go to the link so your not complicit in the crime murdering unborn children
    Pray for the unborn children

    1. Read the article linked by Wayne above. Polio may not even be a virus, it is not contagious from one to another. The paralysis appears to have been related to pollution. The vaccine, tested on orphans, perpetuated the “epidemic”. Vaccines are nothing but a medium to administer poison. The fact that some use aborted fetal cells just exacerbates the evil intent.

      1. I read the linked article. A few observations: polio has been around for centuries, well before the use of chemical pesticides, and is probably the cause for many of the non-injury crippled persons in those societies, who survived the virus.
        While polio was more prevalent during the summer months, it could occur at any time.
        My mother died of polio in the late fall of 1955.
        In addition to testing on orphans, which was admittedly a bad thing, many parents volunteered their children to test the vaccine, in later studies.
        From the safety of two or three generations after getting polio in check, it might be difficult to understand the wide-spread fear of the disease.

  2. Only those who are completely mesmerized by the main stream media would at this point believe any of their blather and blow. Unfortunately, there are a large number of them who will jump on the polio bandwagon. The monkeypox mania has not taken off as well as the Covid con as even the media acknowledges that it appears mainly in homosexual males, therefore it’s time to try a new lethal scheme.

  3. Apparently people are not getting the Covid “boosters” and dying fast enough. It would be madness to trust any liability protected “vaccine” produced by Big Pharma. This polio has been imported into the country and released to kill Americans. The war on America by the illegitimate WEF-DC mafia continues, and most Americans are oblivious.

  4. They did that. The wars will not kill people fast enough, so pandemic and biowarfare weaponry and hunger, disease… etc will take down 95% of all humanity for them. The Jews/Israel want to fulfill their plan now. They have their “messiah” ready to come out quickly and proclaim their “rebuild the temple”, and they want all the land in the Middle East to call their own despite the fact that God cursed them out and they will be wandering on earth forever. The chosen one is not Jews but HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH and all truly faithful Catholics worldwide are His people, not the Satanists of the evil religion: the Judeo-Masonic-Talmudic Freemasonry/Luciferians of the New Jews World Disorder.

  5. No surprise that this should happen, and there is nothing nefarious about the appearance of polio, especially in NYC. Given the amount of illegals coming in from all over the world, 120 different countries as of last count, and the numbers involved, which is running north of 3 million over the last 18 months, it should come as no surprise that diseases that we have eradicated through clean water and better hygiene should begin an upsurge, especially in a major metro area with many “refugees” being settled there. Expect it in most large cities over the next few years.
    It is arriving with the literal great unwashed hordes from the third world, and is being spread with the assistance of the once Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, which has now morphed into a UN NGO. When you give money to your parish for any reason, 10% goes to the chancery, and on up the chain. The USCCB and their agents in Catholic Charities and Caritas Int’l. are at the forefront of importing these people, and use both your weekly tithe and your tax dollars to destroy this country. Replacement theory lives.

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