Now they’re bragging about $4 gasoline

They hate you. Don’t ever forget what they did.

When prices go to historic highs, pipelines canceled, drilling canceled, nothing POTUS can do, Putin Putin Putin. When prices come down, a little, it’s POTUS POTUS POTUS.

6 thoughts on “Now they’re bragging about $4 gasoline”

  1. I heard a sermon once. Priest said this is how they fool people. Chicken was $.25 a lb and price kept creeping up until it hit $1 a lb…..then they lowered it to .50-.60 lb and the people were grateful.

  2. That’s a lot like cutting off someone’s food supply, then when they’re starving, miserable, and at their breaking point, giving them back their own food, and taking credit for feeding them.

  3. This wouldn’t be an issue if people weren’t so afraid of nuclear radiation because of depiction by the media, kinda like the fear of Covid. They have enough to power us for a century or more.

    1. Exactly. Our Navy has nuclear powered ships and submarines bouncing around the oceans of the world, but we aren’t sophisticated enough to secure a safe nuclear power plant on a stationary location in the United States?

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