Cancelled Mass, cancelled priests: ++Cupich triples down, plans to suspend priestly faculties of soon to be suppressed ICKSP Chicago

Maike Hickson has the story at Lifesitenews:

“Cardinal Blase Cupich, the archbishop of Chicago, has instructed the traditional Institute of Christ the King to close down all public Masses by the end of July of this year. He will remove their other faculties by August 1…”

Got that? Not only is the TLM shut down, nevermind the booming attendance, these ICKSP priests incardinated in the Archdiocese of Chicago are cancelled… faculties suspended. TOTAL WAR.

“…the archbishop of Chicago had demanded for months now that the Institute signs a document with five or six points. Among the points they had to sign – each priest individually – was that the Novus Ordo rite is the only true expression of the Roman rite. This formulation stems directly from Pope Francis’ (sic) own document Traditionis Custodes, an explanation that makes it clear that the traditional Roman rite has to disappear altogether. Moreover, the Institute was also asked to accept a procedure, according to which the priests of the Institute have to ask Cardinal Cupich for permission to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass…”

Notice how Satan and the demons never pick on the Novus Ordo clown parishes, nor the 27th United Southern Bible Church of the New Confession Twice Reformed? The demons know what they’re doing, and they are at the helm of the antichurch.

Indeed, this is a much bigger deal than just the Chicago shrine, but I’m short on time. Be sure to check out the commentary from Miss B. this morning.

10 thoughts on “Cancelled Mass, cancelled priests: ++Cupich triples down, plans to suspend priestly faculties of soon to be suppressed ICKSP Chicago”

  1. A Lutheran schoolmate once said to me “Demons go after you Catholics first”. Hmmm. It’s almost as if our faith is especially threatening to them…like it’s the One True Church or something.
    So will this lead to the SSPX being targeted? What of sedevacantist services?

    1. I expect the SSPX will tell Cupivh to take a hike.
      The Sedes will laugh and carry on.
      Looks like the Institute priests only have 3 choices:
      a) Bend over and learn to love the Novus Ordo for life
      b) Publicly resist and suffer the consequences that come from angering Stupid Cupich and Frankenstein I.
      c) Join the SSPX.

      1. d) join the sedevacantists…😂
        What about the FSSP? Did they compromise?
        Very strange that Rome is leaving the SSPX” alone….at least for now. Could it be Rome likes the un-Catholic position of R&R? Grow the SSPX and Catholics will not look into the sede position. The fact SSPX refuses to join BiP is also interesting.

  2. The only thing that made the NO permissable, according to the powers that be, was that it was seen as an option or expression of the TLM. The TLM cannot by divine law be eliminated. So when they’re all trying to do this in such ham-fisted ways (course Cupich is a pro at this stuff) we see that the devil thinks he can elmininate the TLM, and we therefore see who is part of his antichurch and who is Catholic. Maybe God is showing us in stark relief who are true Christians and who aren’t. Because apparently the TLM is the stumbling block for all pretend Catholics.

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