Did J6 look like polished Hollywood cinematography to you? Brave camerapersons in all the right places? Staged, incited by Deep State?

Epic rant from Dr. Briggs. J6, Ray Epps, Putin, Ukraine, elections, Michigan Gretchen Witch, SCOTUS assassins, Show Trial… and how it all ties together with The Science.

Some Curious Recent Incidents In “Our” Democracy


Well, let’s see how “our” democracy is doing.

Ray Epps is an agent provocateur working, not for the government, but on the government’s behalf. We know he doesn’t work for, not directly for, the government, because they, the government, say Epps was questioned about Jan 6 and that he didn’t work for the government. Which if he did work for the government they would have lied and said, “Ray who?”

Epps was hilariously filmed many times (clips here) during the events of Jan 6 and the night before. My favorite is where he, a large man, was shouting to the crowd, “Tomorrow we go in the Capitol!” and other similar inciting words. He was immediately booed by the crowd who began chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

The crowd knew. And here is how we can know. Epps did not attempt to quiet the “Fed!” shouts, nor engage with anybody who was calling him out. Not that night, nor the next day. An honest man would have said something.

After the 6th, many people were arrested and tossed incommunicado into the dungeon for the crime of trespassing. Some linger in jail still. Nobody important, mind. Just regular people who grew too enthusiastic over what happened in the “election.”

But Ray Epps walked. The one man they had the most evidence on. Evidence which you can see for yourself, not having to rely on American’s federalized police force (FBI).

Now those of us on Team Reality know about Epps, and know that he was working, indirectly, to incite an incident, an incident which could then be used as it is now being used, as a tool for the left to crush its enemies. That they didn’t arrest Epps, and did arrest nobodies, is proof positive that much of what happened was an inside job. Which, as I say, all of us know.

Point is: the regime knows we know. And yet they are so inept, or so confident, that they didn’t even make a show of arresting Epps. Corrupt, but competently corrupt, regimes in the past would have done to at least give a better show to the farce.

I’m fifty-fifty on whether they are just that rock stupid or they are stuffed to the gullets with hubris. Maybe thirty-seventy, because how many of your normie friends have even heard of Epps?

What else? Here’s a small sampling. You will have your own favorites, which you can put into the comments…

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6 thoughts on “Did J6 look like polished Hollywood cinematography to you? Brave camerapersons in all the right places? Staged, incited by Deep State?”

  1. I have heard it said that the Democrats are a criminal syndicate masquerading as a political party. That seems about right, at this point. And they overwhelm their opposition with criminal *quantity* – the hits keep coming from every direction so that you can’t respond to any single one of them. They overwhelm you with volume and variety.
    You have to get to the source, and take it down at the source – who are the brains behind the globalist leftist criminal movement – what is its ultimate goal and what are its methods? They are not playing by the civilized rules of politics and war, while we are: nice, meets not nice. We are trying to hold on to civilization, while they are trying to crush it.
    Until we get serious about that, we will be like Yoda, in this clip. The two there are not fighting the same fight, nor bound by the same rules. How we prevail, without becoming like them … that is the conundrum.
    Ultimately, it is mass conversion to the Faith in which we defeat this evil. They fight their fight, fight under their rules, change the paradigm … well, so can we – our way, not theirs … and it starts (non-intuitively) with conversion first within the RCC. We have lost God, on a grand scale, and we must repent of that.

    1. “ How we prevail, without becoming like them … that is the conundrum.”
      Not a conundrum. Just have the balls to actually fight. Think St. Michael thought, “How do I fight Satan and all these fallen rebellious angels without becoming like them…?” No, he just got to work and fought. Not much else to it, and he ignored Satan’s cries that “You’ll become like me if you defeat me!”
      Don’t worry about fighting evil, or at least calling out evil for what it is, you’ll be fine.
      “If you defeat me, you’ll become just like me!” Says every evil person and entity throughout history.
      Trust me, you won’t “become like them.” Evil wants you to think that. That’s completely false. That’s a horrible trick evil plays on the good, and it’s usually a last-ditch effort to save their own evil skin. That’s what evil people and things say to gain sympathy when the good decide to fight on evil’s terms.
      Continuing to use you’re Star Wars analogy: Anakin didn’t become Darth Vader when he defeated and killed Count Dooku, but when Palpatine was trying to save his own skin.

      1. There is a temptation to become angry and wicked, in response to being consumed by rage toward the injustice and Prevsiling wickedness.
        I think it is, from experience, a very real temptation to go down improper paths. To do what we do – *in perfect Charity* – is obviously what we are called to do (objectively, and of the Faith), but … I call it a conundrum, it is merely easier to say, than to do.

  2. USA like Canada are no more. The people are captured, their brains are mush. We emigrated to Canada in 1958, a beautiful country, now ruined by the outsiders, the criminals from abroad calling the shots, the possession of the elected elite, controlling our lives. This is all criminal, and we talk and post little responses to our lives in our prisons they have created. Yes, Lord we will endure and wait for Your judgement upon us. It is us that is the problem, we accept their evil judgement upon us willingly. These are the end times as prophesized by the prophets and Saints. We are getting what we deserve, we did not fight hard enough, and are soft in our lives. God will judge us accordingly. Sacrifice to the Cross and the One hanging it on for us to accept is what is required.
    From the largest open air prison in the world, Canada. Under communist rule today.

    1. All nation-states have come under the thumbs of the supra-national corporations; Russia and China included. There really are no more nation-states, as the last two years have shown very clearly. It has long been the goal of the Masonic One World-ers, and they’ve pretty much achieved it. I congratulate them in their glorious Pyrrhic victory! The fight at that level is over which gang of decrepit oligarchs will come out on top. Our fight is mostly at the local levels to mitigate and nullify the tyranny as best we can. One day, we will rejoice to see the unrepentant Christ-haters burn in hell for the everlasting glory of God. Until then, stay close Jesus and Mary, and fight on. That’s my humble advise, anyhow.

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