“Imagine the compliance.”

I would be willing to bet that there is a deeply sexual nature to fantasies such as this. A level of control orders of magnitude beyond anything BDSM. I’m sure it’s nothing.

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  1. These people are out of their minds. And the harder they push the faster I run away. Do they think they’re God, trying to control everyone? God doesn’t even try to control us. He gives us free will. They all need a good dose of humility.
    An author I like says “you can’t have humility without humiliation”. I’m waiting to see their humiliation.
    That being said I still pray for these sick people.

  2. Too little too late. The “TRUE CATHOLIC” Bishops, Priests, and Popes had tried to warn you, people, ever since after the La Salette to 2015 (now the weakest sound is very low as just as the sound is dead)… But you ignored all the warnings and you go your ways to mingle with the world. So bis, enjoy your journey to the NWO, the kingdom of Satan, run by the Jewish Talmudic Cabals and Israel, puppets and supported by the gullible Americans and Westerners who name themselves as “Christians and Protestants”… Your names are not written in the Book of Life. Because if you do, you should heed the Fatima Message right on time no later than 1960. It’s all your faults startup with the Pseudo-Counterfeit Vatican II, the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  3. People like him are the reason people like America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment (They may have all been a bunch of freemasons, but they got that one thing right.).

  4. The parents of this pompous little man were forced to comply with a branding by the German Nazis. 100% compliance, for those detained and subject to Nazi law.
    – quote –
    “A descendant of the Jews of Greece’s second-largest city, Bourla’s ancestors, like those of almost all the Thessaloniki Jews, had come to the country after the edict of 1492 in Spain. Invited to live in the country by the Ottoman overlords at the time, they put down roots and actually flourished there, in peace and freedom, for centuries.
    But the scourge of Nazi occupation brought a horrific end to tens of thousands of these people, wiping much of Thessaloniki’s Jewish population off the map, robbing most of the Jewish population there of its future.”
    – end quote –
    Andrew Bourla is alive because American soldiers delivered his parents from the Nazi holocaust.
    You’re welcome.
    You would think Andrew would draw a different lesson from world and personal history than what he did. But there he is – conducting his own medical experiments on the unwilling innocent and demanding they submit to branding and tracking to ensure compliance in his own grand Nazi death camp in which the prison guards are virtual and never sleep. Now he’s Commandant. Proud moment, eh Andrew?

  5. Been listening to Geert Vanden Bossche lately. Scary, but it would at least put a stop to the insanity.

  6. How’d they know it was you and not Fido , Lassie or other assorted farm animals?
    They. Are not able to look at themselves and see their evilness. They have no grace.

  7. Anything on Cordileone – Pelosi news?
    On the whole, would Cordileone be someone “we” (whatever that may mean) admire?

    1. He wants to be a truly good guy, but he’s very very weak. . Prayer would help immensely for him. Seriously…. concentrated, dedicated prayer for him.

      1. I saw the new post. “Shockingly he did his job.” That puts him a cut above most… and still isn’t much. Or to say it another way: It isn’t much… and still puts him a cut above most. I get it.

    1. Just read it, and also its internal links.
      Thank you for sharing that.
      It is …. comprehensive. And it is game over for the Argentine usurper, the schismatic, the destroyer.
      As he says: this is a time for winnowing those who believe the Catholic Faith from those who do not. It is said (in Scripture) that Jesus never spoke, except by Parable. His Words were profound, they are relevant today, after 2,000 years no less than when they were spoken … yet so many never understood Him – because He spoke in Parables, only in Parables. Why? To seperate the wheat from the Chaff, to remain hidden from those who didn’t deserve nor desire to know Him while revealing Himself to those who, by Grace, sought for Him and knew Him in their seeking. In the same way – Pope Benedict XVI in this, his “Impeded See”.
      *Fascinating* article. God bless Patrick Coffin for making such a difference, now that he is convinced of the truth.

      1. Aqua, I’ve read it, and I have many, many questions. While our Lord spoke in parables for the reason of hiding Himself from the “dogs,” His Church never, ever does this. Our Lord did it in His time to fulfill the mystery of the prophecy. The Church is Pilar of Truth, Pilar of Life. My response is posting 6am Pacific.

      2. @Mark Please bear in mind the rel possibility that Pope Benedict XVI has been acting in accordance with the exact intelligence provided to him by the Queen of Heaven in the Secret of Fatima.

        1. My mind remains open, but I don’t believe the Queen of Heaven instructed Pope Benedict to deceive the elect for nine years while 70 million Catholics went to their Particular Judgment thinking Bergoglio and his unholy magisterium was true pope. No. Mama doesn’t do that.

      3. @Mark Hmmm…Did Pope Benedict “deceive” or “intend to deceive” or rather were we all deceived by servants of the prince and the Luciferian controlled media of communication?

          1. @Mark I hear you. But circumstances were such that he was forced to take a clandestine path. Besides, without the megaphone of communication at his disposal… how long would it have been until he met with the same fate as Pope John Paul I?

          2. He was, and remains, Vicar of Christ. He could have communicated anything he wanted to. Reference the writings of Pope Leo XIII for contrast.

          3. Yes, Mark, he is indeed. You’ll recall during an audience with the Pope (4 months after his election), Bishop Fellay found himself alone with the Pope for a moment. His Excellency seized the opportunity to remind the Pope that he is the Vicar of Christ, possessed of the authority to take immediate measures to end the crisis in the Church on all fronts. The Pope replied thus: “My authority ends at that door.” (Castel Gondolfo August, 2005)

      4. Mark,
        He did what he did. We can’t really say he should have done this that or another. Because he did this.
        All I want to know is who is the Pope, and how do I understand and explain to my conscience what happened in 2013. Because it is inexplicable to me. And this article explains in some detail the substantial error that renders Pope Benedict’s resignation invalid.
        Full stop. That’s game over for me. All the other stuff doesn’t matter. I can’t handle all the multitudes of speculations and queries as to whys and wherefores.
        1: Benedict is Pope.
        2: Francis is not Pope.
        3: Since Francis is not Pope, I don’t have to listen to him any more. His rulings – nullified.
        4: I will go back to my regular programming which is contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith, especially the Apostles Creed.
        It’s that simple. And it has to be, because I don’t have capacity to go beyond that.

      5. Cionci’s conclusion is relevant:
        – quote –
        “And a huge help has been given to us by Bergoglio who, an unwitting cooperator with the truth, with his brutal demolitions of Catholicism has revealed himself a mile away as anti-pope and anti-Catholic.
        Too good to be true? No. Here we are, in the presence of something, the apostasy within the Church, known to the true popes since Fatima (1917): they had been preparing for decades. And, in any case, we are talking about the legitimate Vicar of Someone who is surely a great artist.”
        – end quote –
        Every true Pope has known about the apostasy prophecied by Our Lady at Fatima. They have been preparing (allegedly) for decades. We are in it – this is obvious. And we are talking about the Vicar of someone who is surely a great artist … and one who did, in fact, speak only in parables when His penultimate hour for entering and conquering our fallen world arrived.
        Bergoglio and all who follow in his train are exposed. No longer are they hiding in the shadows. We see them. And we can no longer claim ignorance. This is a time for judgement. We either follow the apostates which is easy, or we search dilligently for Christ and Christ’s true Vicar, which is hard, very hard.
        I find the logic of that compelling. When the Church apostatizes, it will not be normal nor in accord with past norms. We are in uncharted and dangerous waters, just as we should expect. That is why Pope Leo XIII (whom you mentioned) fainted from his vision – it was surely a Church on fire, and mostly destroyed that he saw. It is for us to see through the smoke and flames and find the true path to Christ.

      6. One last thought on this thread, in respect to this comment of yours –
        “My mind remains open, but I don’t believe the Queen of Heaven instructed Pope Benedict to deceive the elect for nine years while 70 million Catholics went to their Particular Judgment thinking Bergoglio and his unholy magisterium was true pope. No. Mama doesn’t do that.”
        But she DID say that it was almost impossible to restrain the wrath of her Son unless we repented from our sins. She said this a hundred years ago. Have we? She said clearly that souls were going to hell in vast numbers and her Son was bringing judgement down hard on unfaithful souls.
        So … why is it so hard to convince Catholics that there can be only one visible Pope, not two (etc with all the other obvious details that go along with that)? Why is it so hard to convince Catholics that a true Pope cannot abrogate Sacred Tradition and render Dogma invalid? Why do Catholics just shrug their shoulders at clown masses and sacrelige in Holy Mass?
        Pope Benedict didn’t do this to them. They did this to themselves. There sits Pope Benedict XVI alongside Francis – my skin crawls when I see that. Faithful souls would not tolerate two visible Holy Fathers, nor would they tolerate all the abominations that have infested Holy Mother Church for decades – especially the last ten years. But they do. And that’s on them. The Catholic Church has given them all the tools they need to render judgement on this unholy arrangement, yet they remain silent. And perhaps the restraint of Our Lady has finally come to an end, as she implied it soon would.

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