6 thoughts on “And now the Current Thing scales Everest!”

  1. The love, more than love, rapturous adoration of world political/business/finance/media leaders and those who choose to follow their tribe is terrifying. To me there is nothing more frightening than to see our Senate, our House, Parliaments overseas rise up in thunderous applause, some seeming to be near tears their love is so intense. Shocking. Every time I see it, there is a slight internal shock inside me that something is seriously wrong in a world that does that for this evil, no accomplishment man. What has he done, after all? He leads a tiny little grifting nation, the most corrupt on the planet, that produces nothing of value for the world, known to be infested with Nazis, a graft and crime clearing house for the world’s corrupt and now known to contain bio-weapons research lab facility networks.
    When has the world *ever* responded like this to any leader, much less a puke like Zelensky?
    Zelensky is a face to something much deeper, and more immediately sinister for our purposes. He represents the OWG totalitarian movement that remains, as before, biding its time for round 2 in its movement to *RESET* what *WAS* by destroying it (our Western-Christian based civilization) and impose something utterly new on the ashes – godless, pagan, freemasonic, demonic. That is why world leaders love “him”. It is not “him” so much as who is behind him. They know, even though most of us do not. They know what is coming. And we cattle put on our little blue and yellow flag pin and “stand with Ukraine” like good little boys and girls. Ukraine is the proxy for the next lockdown which will make the last one look like a piker.

    1. And, for some perspective … a short hymn by Andrea Bocelli – a man who would have been “aborted” in the womb, had his Catholic mother followed her Doctor’s advice. “He has a condition. He will be born with serious ‘defects'”, said he. “I choose God. I choose life”, said she.
      Well God honored her choice, and little Andrea was born … with serious birth defects, just like the doctors said. He was blind by age 12. And he was gifted with the most beautiful voice on the planet. With which he here honors Our Blessed Mother, who crushes the head of Satan, and whose “yes” gave us God incarnate, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Ruler who will soon put all these nefarious plans to rest.
      They Have No Power Over Us!

      1. And yet, he is alive at all because his mother was faithful in the details of her Catholic faith.
        I find that compelling. He is living proof of both sides of the pre-natal murder argument: (1) he was born, and yes, with a severe disability; (2) he is alive, and with gifts (some have more, some less) from God.
        How he spends his time is between him and God. The message of Our Lady of Fatima is one of an urging to repentance while there is still time.

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