Audit finds Biden’s Twitter followers are as fake as his 81 million “votes”

“Nearly half of President Biden’s 22.2 million Twitter followers are bogus, a new audit revealed. The audit, which was done for the social media giant by software firm SparkToro, found that 49.3% of the president’s followers are “fake followers,” according to Newsweek. SparkToro has defined “fake followers” as “accounts that are unreachable and will not see the account’s tweets (either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc. or because they’re no longer active on Twitter).””

5 thoughts on “Audit finds Biden’s Twitter followers are as fake as his 81 million “votes””

  1. Fake followers, for a fake president who is a fake Catholic. Makes perfect sense in this liberal world of fake compassion. And don’t get me started on the fake Catholics who support Biden and liberalism.

  2. The sad thing is nobody, both sides, do anything about that. Republicans and Democrats are going along and getting along with his fake government. This country is going down and nobody has the courage to take it back. Even Trump is a liar. He spewn out of his mouth both ways just like a snake tongue that he often preached about. The Blessed Virgin Mary said: “Only I can help you…” But did anyone listen or believe? No. Many Bishops and Priests are just as bad as the rest of the thugs.

    1. I think God is allowing all of this to get us to wake up and understand that we must put Him first. One of the many rotten fruits of freemasonry is the worship of man. Too many examples but both Obama and Trump were (and still are) promoted and literally idolized as messianic figures. The same is happening now with that drug-addict, thug running Ukraine. Will we wake up and take the First Commandment seriously? The balls in our court.

  3. I think it was on Ann Barnhardt’s recent podcast, they made the point that roughly half of Twitter accounts are fake. If that’s true, while Biden still has no REAL fans, his follower total is no more perfunctory than anybody else’s. Bottom Line: Twitter is pretty much garbage.

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