13 thoughts on “Breaking: Vatican fires chaplains at Fairfield and Valparaiso, orders Carmelites to abandon Rule of St. Teresa”

  1. This order is null-and-void, as is Cor Orans itself because Jorge Bergoglio is NOT the pope! What needs to happen is that the priests and hermits who minister to the Sisters in Fairfield and Valparaiso should continue to do so like nothing has happened. The antichurch thinks they can take away the title of chaplin? Okayyyy. First of all, they can’t because Bergoglio has no authority, but what’s to stop the priests and hermits from continuing to offer the Mass and the Sacraments as simply, priests without an official Chaplin title? Answer: nothing!
    I will be doubling down on my prayers for both Fairfield and Valparaiso – the sisters AND the priests/hermits that minister to them, as well as their saintly lay caretakers. I will also be stepping up my financial donations to them as well and I encourage others who can to do the same. The Carmelites are the prayer warriors of the Church: we need them so very much in these increasingly dark times.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us.
    St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us.
    St. Therese of Liseux, pray of us.
    Carmelite martyrs of the French Revolution, pray for us.

  2. The destruction of the Carmelite charism is in full swing. It is as if the devil himself has answered Martha’s request for help from Mary. She has chosen the better part therefore it shall be taken from her. The spirit of the world is smiling hideous smile. 😭

  3. …”The Fairfield Carmelites ‘were basically being told that if they want to follow St. Teresa of Ávila, with the constitutions that she wrote … that they are basically not true children of the Church,’ said Fr. Maximilian Mary Dean.”…
    Who and who’s army has said so?
    We believe them, I pray with them, I wish the blessing of God upon them, now and forever, my prayer to you Sisters, today and tomorrow. I am with you!
    Thanks be to God.

  4. UPDATE: This video has come under attack. LifeSiteNews (link above by Mark) has added a few preamble slides stating that certain people have asked them to remove the video. Hmmm…. Thankfully, LifeSite didn’t do that. In their preamble slide, they include scripture quotes by Father Max and then the video/interview begins.
    Folks: spread this far and wide. The antichurch is trying to shut this up as Holy Week begins. They want to destroy the Carmelites under the radar without us knowing. Let’s defeat them. Death to freemasonry and death to the anti-church. Christ the King now and forever.

  5. “The last time this many Latins were interested in the East, Constantinople was sacked.” – A little joke about how TLM attendees who are demoralised are looking into Eastern Catholic Churches (of which I am one) I think everyone who like the TLM should attend (and study) a Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at least once, it’s almost like rediscovering the beauty and history of the Catholic Church and the TLM all over again.
    Eastern Catholic priests across America are saying things like, “We’ve never had a better evangelist than Francis.”

  6. Something you may not know about this. A few months ago Father Hewko of SSPX Marian corps had made an offer on the nuns property in order to establish a traditional monastic community. He was refused sale because of his affiliation with the sspx. I have sent the nuns an email asking them to reconsider. If they wish to carry on their traditional rule of St. Theresa then Father hewko would be heir only hope. It would be mutually beneficial. Father Hewko would have a home for the formation of young priests and the nuns would not only have access to the traditional church and sacraments but much needed injection of cash to finish their new monastery. It is a win/win situation. I pray they reconsider

    1. Wow! We’ve always loved listening to Fr. Hewko.
      Lately he’s spending a lot of time in his sermons emphasizing that Francis is pope, that he’s horrible and destroying the faith, but we MUST accept him. His rationale is that we’ve had bad popes in the past.
      I’m praying that he will be open to rethinking that false base premise. You can’t build a house on sand and all that. Otherwise, Godspeed to him!

  7. As Holy Week begins one would think that faithful Catholics would be focused on the Passion and Death of Our Lord who was obedient to the Father to his death for our salvation rather than be focused on a gossipy news story that should have been made public earlier or better yet, not at all. But then again, pride blinds the soul.
    If the Carmelites and Fr. Dean have chosen to go this way, so be it. However, must they drag so many people with them?
    Back in 1893 Pope Leo XIII decreed that all Benedictine monasteries should be united in Congregations which in turn are a Confederation with an Abbot Primate. Unlike these Carmelites the Benedictines were obedient to the wishes of the Holy Father.
    Pope Pius XII is the one who established Federations for contemplative nuns. He nearly made it obligatory. Most contemplatives in Europe and a fewer number in the US responded to his request. For Carmelites this was BEFORE the adaptations of the 1990 constitutions which are not the original of St. Teresa. It seems that back in the 1950’s the nuns did not see a conflict between the Rule of St. Teresa and becoming a Federation. Interesting.

    1. RE: As Holy Week begins one would think that faithful Catholics would be focused on the Passion and Death of Our Lord who was obedient to the Father to his death for our salvation rather than be focused on a gossipy news story that should have been made public earlier or better yet, not at all. But then again, pride blinds the soul.
      Well, I for one would MUCH rather be focused on the Passion and Death of Our Lord this week but when those who sincerely take the Passion and Death of Our Lord seriously (the Carmelites) are attacked – again – by the heretical, blasphemous, pacamammy-worshipping, false prophet forerunner of the antichrist’s (Jorge Bergoglio), illegal regime squatting on the Chair of St. Peter, I feel the need to protect them rather be effeminate and “just hope it all goes away.”
      And just hope it all goes away is EXACTLY what the Bergoglio and his toadies in Rome and over here want. They want, passionately to destroy the Carmelites because they know that the Carmelites are the prayer warriors of the Church, in the way of Bergoglio’s mission to destroy the Church. What better way to (try and) do that than to force them to join a modern-minded “federation” who can micro-manage their rules, finances and pressure them into evolving their Traditional Carmelite, monastic lifestyle into one that follows the evil spirit of Vatican II.
      As for a “gossipy news story” should not have been made public. Ummm, no. The antichurch wants to quash the Carmelites under the radar. We are going to defend them. On that note, I am grateful for Fr. Max going public with what’s going on and for Life Site News, Non Veni Pacem, Gloria.TV, etc., etc., etc. for informing the public.
      I stand with the Carmelites!

    2. Funny that you are commenting on a “gossipy news story” that shouldn’t have been made publicly at all instead of focusing on the Passion and Death of Our Lord. There’s a word for that….it rhymes with hypocrisy.

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